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VSCO X Adds Video Editing Tools on iOS

Aug 1, 2017

If you are someone who has VSCO X, then you might want to know that new video editing tools have just been added to the iOS app. VSCO X is the paid subscription service that is the premium version of VSCO. This service is $19.99 per year and it offers you a ton of new features and educational tools. Read on to learn more about the new video editing tools that have hit the subscription version of VSCO known as VSCO X.

VSCO X iOS App Adds New Video Editing Tools

The really cool news here is that if you have the photo editing app VSCO X, you will now be able to edit your videos quickly and easily with the new tools and features in the iOS app. This app, which is the paid version of VSCO, has added new editing tools beyond the regular GIF support, capture features, and RAW support.

The paid subscription service, VSCO X, is offering you a ton of presets and high-end features and filters. Android will get the new video editing tools on VSCO X soon, although we do not know when Android will get these features.

VSCO X is adding various video editing tools which you will find in the Studio area. Once you are in the Studio of the app, click on the banner, which is where the new video editing tools will be located. You will notice that there is a way to choose the videos from your Camera Roll, then those videos will go into the Studio.

From there, you can click the video you want to edit and then use the various presets that are available to you as part of the video editing library. This is the first time that video editing tools have been included in VSCO X, which means the company is trying to expand out to be more than just a regular photo editing app.

VSCO X New Video Editing Tools Details

Some of these things that you will find in the new video editing tools section include extra filters and effects, which are all now available in the VSCO X library. You will have extra video editing tools along with the basic editing tools like Saturation and Contrast. Once those edits you have made are completed, you will be able to save those to your Camera Roll. From there, you can choose to share your newly made videos all over social media.

If you would like to try out some of the new video editing tools that are available, you first must be a VSCO X member. It is only $19.99 per year and there are a ton of offerings in the paid version of the app, including monthly new features and videos showing you how to do a ton of things in the app.

If you have VSCO X already, simply make sure you are updated to the latest version. You might choose to wait until the automatic update hits your Apple device or you can head to Apple’s App Store and manually download the new version.

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