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VTech’s New Android Tablet for Kids Offers Safe Messaging

Feb 21, 2017

If you are a parent, you might be wondering about the types of Android devices out there for children that are safer than traditional tablets or smartphones. It seems that the popular child-friendly company VTech is coming up with a new unnamed Android tablet, which features a child-safe messaging system. The details of this new product have just been revealed, so we thought you might want to know more about this new Android tablet from VTech.

VTech’s New Android Tablet Offers Messaging Platform for Kids

This new VTech tablet is specifically made for children that are four years of age and older. This new Android tablet, although unnamed right now, will allow you to have messaging abilities regardless of whether the other person is running Android or iOS. This is actually good news, as long as there is parental supervision, because VTech has been lacking when it comes to competing with other tablets like iPads.

Right now, this tablet has been dubbed a gaming and smart communication device. This Android tablet by VTech comes with 40 different apps, most of which are educationally focused. You have music apps, spelling apps, learning games, math apps, and much more to help children learn while on the tablet. There is also a web browser that has parental control settings as well, which means that parents will be able to set restrictions when it comes to browsing the internet.

As far as the new messaging abilities, the VTech tablet comes with KidiCom, which is a messaging app specifically for children. This app will allow children to send small animations, along with texts and pictures to people who are on their contact list. The children can send messages to people on both iOS and Android, and another VTech device is not needed to get this messaging feature to work. The cool thing is that Kidicom can be downloaded to the iOS or Android device, and then a request is sent to the Kidicom account on the VTech tablet. From there, the parent can approve the people sending requests before a message is sent or received to that person. The parent also has the ability to check up on the messages and review the communications to ensure the child is behaving and communicating in a safe manner.

There is a small Amazon app store on this device as well, although parents might have to pay for some of the apps that are in the store before it can be downloaded. There are quite a few free apps on there as well, even though the Amazon app store is limited and not the complete service. This device also has a 5-inch touchscreen that is shatter proof and it comes with a 2 MP camera at the top. On the VTech tablet, you also have bumpers on the sides of the tablet to ensure that it is easy to hold, although it does add a little weight to the device. This device is 8GB in size and also has the ability to hold a 32GB or less microSD card if you need more room.

The cool thing about the VTech Android tablet is that it is cheap, with it being only about $100 although it will not be shipping until this fall. That is pretty cool and although this tablet is not named yet, we suspect this will be a good go-to choice for parents who have children that want to both learn and communicate on their tablet in a safe manner. We also do know that even though the Android tablet says it is appropriate for children four and older, the messaging feature might turn some parents away until the child is a little older to understand text and picture sending better. The child-safe messaging can also be turned off if you think your child is too young to use it. You can expect this VTech Android tablet to be sold everywhere tablets are sold, including at online retail stores like Amazon sometime in the fall of 2017.

  • This is good product for kids. Let see how effective will be this product for kids.