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Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API Update Coming to Android P

Apr 15, 2018

If you are looking for some new details about Android P, we just learned that the Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API will soon be available on the new operating system. The Android Open Source Project just underwent some changes, which shows Vulkan Graphics 1.1 is definitely coming soon. The details about Android P have been scant, although we have found some details out about the new release. One of those details just released was about the Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API. Read on to learn more about Vulkan Graphics version 1.1 coming to Android P.

Vulkan Graphics API 1.1 Coming Soon to Android P

Thankfully, we were able to see those changes that were made to the Android Open Source Project. This is where we found out that Vulkan Graphics 1.1 will be coming in Android P. It appears that most of the changes to Vulkan Graphics are under-the-hood improvements. This means that there likely are not many new features or additions for the user. These changes to the Android Open Source Project essentially are giving away the fact that in the new Android P, the Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API will be there.

If you are wondering when you might see the Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API coming, it should be found in the second installation of the Developer Preview of Android P. The integration already has been done, so it should not be much longer until we are able to see Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API in action. This is definitely good news because it will allow the mobile developers to utilize better graphics for the mobile games. Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API is also cross-platform and very resource-friendly, which is great for basically anyone on an Android device. Both Qualcomm and Arm, two of the biggest names, have commented and expressed a lot of support for this new update to Vulkan Graphics.

Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API Launch Signifies Upcoming Release

There are a few new things in the Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API, including the Protected Content feature. This means that the protected content like videos, are able to be composited right on the GPU. The decoded frames will not be able to be screen caputred either, which is great news for the DRM protected content. If you are wondering what other features are found in this API update, then we can also tell you about Subgroup Operations. This is where tasks that are running in parallel within the GPU will now have better sharing capabilities.

The only downside to the news about the Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API update is that a firmware update likely will be required. That is not too horrible though, and most people, including developers, should have no issues with the firmware update. There is still a lot of details that we do not know yet about Android P, but this addition certainly gets us excited for the official release.

More Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API News

The official release of Android P is going to be a ways off though. It is still in the beginning stages of the developer preview mode, and then there will be some more of those developer previews before a public beta is available. Hopefully, we will see more details about what Android P has in store in the coming weeks. We also hope to hear more information about the version 1.1 API update. While we do not expect any new features beyond what we already know, it would be nice to see what all is in store.

Tell us in the comments what you think of this news. Are you excited for Android P to be released? Do you think that adding Vulkan Graphics 1.1 API is going to be a good thing? Are you also hoping that the gaming graphics will be better since this update is coming out? We want to know what you think of this newest information coming out about Android P. Let us know in the comment section below your thoughts on the graphics overall as well.