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Walk Home Safe With Companion App

Sep 4, 2015

Many times people are walking home late at night and they do not feel safe. There are many dangers out there and cities have tried to solve this problem by adding things such as lights, areas where people can get picked up, or even at some college I know of there are safety devices like special phones there for help just in case someone does not feel safe but is there an app that can help people feel safe as they walk home late at night? Well there has recently been an app that has gotten quite a lot of attention as shown by the fact that it recently came out and thousands have people have already downloaded this new application to make sure they feel safe when walking home at night. So what exactly is this application? 

What is the app and what does it do? 

The application is called the Companion App and what it does is it notifies a family member or friend that you are out on the streets and it connects them to you sort of like a facetime (but without the camera, they are just monitoring you) so that they can keep you company while you try to make your way home. The person you send the link to has a Global Positioning System live feed that monitors your every moment as you get home. The great thing about this app is that if anything strange happens like the user starts running, goes off the path, or even something as simple as their headphones being yanked out the app will detect this and ask if the user is ok, if they are ok then they continue. If the user is  not ok then the app will start to make loud noises that should scare off potential criminals as well as give the users the option to call 911 immediately for their emergency. At the same time the companion watching the user walk home can call 911 if they feel there is some sort of trouble for the user.

Sometimes walking home alone at night can seem very unsafe so people have put options like a special phone, an area where people can get picked up, or in this case an app.

(Sometimes walking home alone at night can seem very unsafe so people have put options like a special phone, an area where people can get picked up, or in this case an app._

The great part about this app is that the person who is protecting the user does not have to have the application to monitor them so there is no need to worry about having a select group who has the application. As well as the application sends out the message of finding a companion to multiple phones that are chosen so the user does not have to worry about being alone. 

The fascinating part is how this was created by a group of college students from the University of Michigan. Not only has it been downloaded over here on university campuses all over the United States but also worldwide. For those users in other countries it is still quite simple, all they have to do is enter their phone number and the number code of the country they live in. It is amazing how an application designed solely for one university campus has grown attention not only over the nation but worldwide. Many times there are crimes done to innocent victims walking alone at night so it is nice to know there is a way to stop this and the best part is that it utilizes something everyone uses everyday, their smartphone!

This is an image of the companion app and how it tracks the location of the user and ensure they are doing fine.
(This is an image of the new companion app and how the app tracks the location of the user. As shown by the middle phone image, the companion app ensures the that user is well by asking the question if they are ok so that if they do not press the button in the middle, the app will notify the police.)

This is overall a great idea of an app that helps people feel more comfortable in scary situations. The great part is how this group found a way to use technology to ensure the safety of others so really consider checking out this application because it is available for free on IOS and Android and its better to be safe than sorry.

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