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    Why Are Walkthroughs and Guides So Important?

    Sep 19, 2017

    PC and console gamers alike will be familiar with walkthroughs. These handy guides give you a step by step guide to complete a level or even an entire game. Since video games have been popular, guides have been around. At first they were found in popular gaming magazines but now it is more common for them to be found online. But why are walkthroughs and guides so important for gamers?

    Teach You Techniques

    One of the main benefits of walkthroughs and game guides is that players can learn the techniques they need to master the game quickly. This is essential if you’re someone who lacks the patience required to get good at a game, or someone who has been stuck for a long time. If you’re looking to try something new, guides can also be a great way to familiarise yourself with the game, for example the Ladbrokes’ online casino guide for beginners is a great way for casino fans to learn how to play their favourite games online.

    Introduce You To Other Games

    When you watch or read one guide or walkthrough, you might end up clicking onto another straight away. This could introduce you to new games you’ve never heard of before, helping you to expand your game library and giving you the incentive to try something new when perhaps you wouldn’t otherwise. A lot of Indie games are discovered this way, as they don’t have huge marketing budgets or reach the mainstream platforms very often.

    Keep You Entertained When You Can’t Play

    A lot of gamers watch live streams and walkthroughs of their favourite games to pass the time. If you’re away from your console at work or on a trip, a guide can keep you almost as entertained as playing the actual game. Plus, when you return to your console or PC you’ll have better techniques and strategies than you did before which means you can complete the levels faster.

    Unlock Hidden Extras

    From cheats to Easter eggs, online guides and walkthroughs give players insider knowledge that they might not have otherwise discovered for themselves. Most guides come with additional trivia and fun facts about the game. Guides can help gamers to explore the full potential of their game, as some cheat codes will introduce completely new levels or ways to play. The Grand Theft Auto games are particularly well known for having hidden cheats like this, such as flying cars, new weapons and different outfits.

    Makes Games More Enjoyable

    There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck on a game and being unable to complete it. Having access to guides and walkthroughs will help you to finish the game and make the experience more enjoyable. Some games are only fully unlocked once you have completed every level or mission, so for gamers who prefer to freely explore the world of their game instead of complete structured tasks, being able to quickly complete their game is paramount to their enjoyment.