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Waze Adds Audio Player Integration to iOS & Android

Nov 4, 2018

Great news if you use the Waze app on your mobile device as the app has added audio player integration on both iOS and Android. You might have heard the news earlier in October about Google Maps adding the ability to stream music. Google Maps integrated with several popular music streaming services to offer you the ability to listen to music while in the app.

It appears that the same functionality has hit the Waze apps as a new Waze Audio Player was just integrated into the Waze navigation app. There are seven different music streaming applications that will work inside of Waze, giving you a safer experience on the road. We have all of the latest details about Waze adding this feature to both iOS and Android so read on to learn more.

Waze Brings Audio Player Integration in Latest Update for iOS & Android

We are happy to report that the Waze app on both iOS and Android was updated with a Waze Audio Player. The new audio streaming integration will allow you to listen to music in a much safer way than before. There are seven different popular music streaming apps that are included in this integration.

We think that the new integration and in-app controls are really cool. You will be able to get news, music, audiobooks, and much more with the audio streaming integration in the Waze app. In the Waze Audio Player, you will have access to Pandora, Spotify, Scribd, TuneIn, Sticher, NPR One, Deezer, and iHeartRadio.

This means that you will be able to listen to music, listen to audiobooks, get the news, and even listen to podcasts. Whatever audio you normally like to listen to, you will have access to through these seven different apps. It is also very easy and simple to switch between the audio streaming services. You will need to install all of these apps on your device though if you would like to use them with the new Waze Audio Player. Once you have installed them onto your device, you just sync them with Waze and you are good to go.

Waze Audio Player Integration Gives You In-App Controls

The main goal and purpose of the Waze Audio Player is to give you in-app controls for the music and audio apps you currently are using. That is why you will need to have the apps downloaded onto your device and installed in order for the new Waze Audio Player to work correctly.

With this new integration, you should have a much safer driving experience and not have the same distractions as before. You will find that in the right corner of the Waze app, you will have the audio FAB. You can slide down the panel which will show you the app icons in carousel format.

There are quite a few controls within Waze too, such as the ability to skip to the next track or go back to a previous track. You can also pause the audio streaming app or play right from the in-app controls. There are other controls you will have access to as well, which are app-specific to whichever app you are using. You will still have the regular Waze alerts and directions and the audio will just play alongside of that. Everything including your directions are still visible as well, and will stay visible even if you open up the audio FAB.

How You Can Get Waze Audio Player on Your Mobile Device

If you would like to check out the new Waze Audio Player, you can download the newest beta update to Waze. It has officially launched within the Beta Community, but it has not been released to the stable versions for either mobile platform. We look for the official launch of the Waze Audio Player to come to the stable release within a few weeks. In the photo below, you will see which audio services are already being integrated with both iOS and Android. By the end of the year, all seven of the audio streaming services will be integrated with both platforms.

If you are part of the beta, then you can go ahead and download the newest app update and try out this feature for yourself. The Beta Community is open so you can join it right now if you have not already. We want to hear what you think of the new Waze Audio Player integration and if you think this is a great addition.

Do you use Waze as your primary navigation app on either iOS or Android? If you do, are you happy that you will have the ability to stream music and have in-app controls using the Waze app? What other audio streaming services do you hope will be integrated with Waze in the future? Once you have tried out the new integration, come back here and tell us what you think about it and if anything needs changed.