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Waze iOS App Allows for Recording Own Voice in Update

Jul 10, 2017

A new feature has come to the Waze iOS app, which should make a lot of people happy. The new feature is a Voice Recorder that will allow you to record your own voice. This is a feature that was already out on Android for a while now, but the iOS version of Waze is just getting this new recording ability. Read on to learn more about the Waze iOS App update and how this new feature works.

Waze iOS App Update Allows For Personalized Voice Recording

The new Voice Recorder on the Waze iOS app is going to allow you to record your own voice to use for the navigation and prompts. This is a cool feature that previously was only available on the Android version of Waze. The updated iOS version of Waze is integrating this new Voice Recorder feature.

This means that you too will be able to hear your own voice when getting the turn-by-turn directions from the app. You can record your own voice prompts in the way that fits your style and needs, whether it be funny with a fake accent or serious in your own normal voice.

Another cool part about this is that with the Waze iOS update, you will be able to share your own recordings with your friends and family. You also can send your friends and family the download link you are given so that they can use the recordings themselves. You can send the link through social media, through the Messages feature, or through email.

More Waze iOS App Update Details

There will also be some new celebrity voice recordings coming in the near future too. Waze just announced that it will be teaming up with various YouTube Content creators as well, which means you will soon get to hear directions through the voice prompts of your favorite YouTube star.

If you would like to record your own voice prompts with the Waze iOS app update, you can download the latest version right now from Apple’s App Store. The version you need to download in order to get this feature is version 4.26. You can enable the new feature simply by going into Settings and then clicking on Sound and Voice. There are also some bug fixes and general improvements in this new Waze iOS app update as well, so you should definitely be checking out the update today in order to see all of the new things Waze has to offer.