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Waze Now Available on Android Auto

Jul 26, 2017

If you have a vehicle with Android Auto, you might be excited to know that Waze has finally been released for Android Auto. Previously, you could really only use Google Maps in Android Auto, but now people have the option to add Waze as one of the options to your dashboard. We have all of the latest news on the Waze app coming to Android Auto, so read on to learn more about this feature and how it can help you when driving.

Waze Hits Android Auto

It seems like we have been talking about the need for more map programs on Android Auto forever, and now we finally have another option as Waze has just been released. The version that you can do inside of Android Auto is similar to that of what you can do on your smartphone, although it is much more of a simple version.

The Waze product development team worked with the Android Auto UX team in order to make a version of Waze suitable for Android Auto. The app is now like the regular version of the app, but is looks more like a native Android Auto app.

The only downside is that the Android Auto app version does seem a little cartoon-like, although it is still completely functional. Waze will be able to alert you to various things, such as if traffic is bogged down and why traffic is being bogged down. You will also notice that with the Waze Android Auto app, you will get pop up notifications asking you to confirm if there is a cop up ahead.

You can report traffic conditions using the Android Auto app as well, and for that you will have an icon on the lower right side of the screen. Once you hit the button, you will then need to hit the button to report the incident, such as a cop up ahead or something with a crash or another hazard on the road.

More Waze Android Auto Details

Waze is really good in terms of figuring out traffic jams and helping people out, but it is not as good as Google Maps. Sometimes the voice commands were a tad off and the data connection sometimes would bug out. Even with a few issues, those were issues experienced on the Android Auto Beta. The company said that all of these things would be fixed for the launch, which means that these issues should not be going on at this point in time.

We have not heard anyone complaining about the Waze Android Auto app yet, so it appears that things seem to be going okay. Of course, since this is the first time the app will be on Android Auto, there is still the possibility of issues and glitches here and there.

If you would like to use this app with Android Auto, you will still need to do a few things with your Android phone first. One thing you need to do is set your home address and similar types of details to allow the app to work correctly for you. Map Cheat appears to still be a phone-only feature, although other things like the speed features will be coming to Android Auto in a future update. If you would like to enjoy Waze in your car, it appears that Android Auto will be the only way to do that.

Waze seems to not want to put the app into Apple CarPlay, so it probably will never be on iOS infotainment centers. This is more on Apple than anyone else since Apple does not like third-party map apps as it wants everyone to use Maps. If you have Android Auto in your car, you can download the Waze Android Auto app right now for free.