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Waze Update Hits iOS & Android

Jan 20, 2017

If you have Waze on your iOS or Android device, you should know that an update just happened. This new update, version on iOS and on Android brings a lot of new features for both Android and iOS.

Waze Brings New Features to Android & iOS

Waze just updated iOS to version and the Android app with version, and these updates bring a lot of new features to Waze. If you have Waze on iOS or Android, then you should be excited to know that there is now some cool new features that will make your travel much easier.

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The first thing you will notice is that you now have voice support for your native language. Waze has had voice support for a while now, but you can actually search in your native language for once. It does not matter the language that is configured for Waze automatically as you can search for your destination in many other languages through this new voice support language feature. So, if you live in Mexico but speak English, you can use your native language to get directions and enter new destinations into the app as opposed to having to speak in Spanish. The highly-intelligent speech recognition software will be able to detect which language you are using and will decipher what you are saying. You will find the microphone icon and then that is where you need to click in order to perform your request.

The second new fedature is that you can search for specific points of interest. This means you can search for hotel and then see what pops up near you. You can do this for shopping centers, parking, and even restaurants. You will be able to search the general categories until you find the place you are looking for that is nearby. This is cool because you can just type in “restaurant” and see all of the ones that are near you. If you are new to an area or you are traveling, this is a great new feature to have.

Another new feature coming with Waze 4.18 is that you now have auto complete distance. This is basically where you do not need to tap on the address in order to see the distance of a location. Once you perform the search, you will see the distance from you in the right side of the search results, which is pretty cool. This will allow you to see which location of a particular place is nearest to you and it will help you be more efficient in your travels.

You can get both the Android update to Waze and the iOS update right now on their respective App Stores. If you already have Waze downloaded onto your iOS or Android device,  you should see that there is an over-the-air update either already on your device or coming within the next day or two.