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Weather Line iOS App Gets New Updates & Features

Jan 6, 2017

If you have an iOS device, then you have probably seen Weather Line before being advertised in the App Store. Weather Line is one of the most popular weather apps out there, and it finally got a much-needed update today. Weather Line is now at version 1.8 and there are a ton of new features in this update, including a Today widget.

Weather Line iOS App Gets New Features in Update

When it comes to weather apps for iOS devices, there are quite a few out there. Very few weather apps though have reached the popularity of Weather Line, which is one of the most commonly used weather apps for iOS. Now, the app is getting a much-needed update which adds a lot of new features. It also comes with your standard bug and glitch fixes as well.

Weather Line first is getting some cool design changes, along with a new Today widget. You also will notice that there are now 3D Touch quick actions on this new app. When it comes to the app itself, you will get both the high and low temperatures for the day, hour, and month. You also can see a graph that has the predicted weather conditions, which appears at the top of the screen.


There is also a lot of other information you can access, such as getting your current location weather information or information for the weather in cities that you have saved in the app. To get to the other cities you have saved, just swipe either right or left. You also will be able to see short-term precipitation predictions which you can find in the pull-down panel. All of this weather information is provided to Weather Line by darksky.net and it is fairly accurate since it is up to the minute information.

This is one of the reasons that Weather Line has become so popular, which is because the app provides you with this real-time information. When you live in cities where the weather can change on a dime, having an app that gives you up to date information is very important. The new widget also comes in handy because you can see the graph showing both the predicted conditions and predicted temperatures for your area. You will notice that the predictions go out 10 hours, which means you can get up to a 10-hour weather prediction in the widget. There is an expanded and compact mode for the widget too, which is actually pretty commonplace among widgets.

Another new feature in the Weather Line version 1.8 update is the 3D Touch quick actions. This is found on the Home Screen, but is only available on iOS devices that support the 3D Touch options and quick actions. You will be able to press on the icon of the app to see the widget and see all of the shortcuts for the weather forecast. The top two cities that you have saved within the app will also show up here in the quick actions.

Beyond those features that are new to the app, you also will notice the text is a little bit different. The text appears to show up better and you can easily read the numbers and letters on the app, and navigation between your saved cities is also better with the swipe left and right functionality. You will also notice that the location searching is also improved within the app, which is always nice. The other changes to version 1.8 of Weather Line are more bug and glitch fixes which help with performance. You will notice the app runs smoother and quicker now too, which are because of some of the graphic tweaks in the app.

If you would like to get the new Weather Line version 1.8 you can download it now from Apple’s App Store for $2.99. If you already have Weather Line on your iOS device, you should be getting the update for the app over-the-air. If you do not want to wait for the over-the-air update you can always head to Apple’s App Store and download the new update for free if you already own the app.