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Web Search Ability Added to SwiftKey Keyboard on Android

Dec 4, 2018

Great news if you use SwiftKey on Android because the newest update adds the search ability right to the keyboard. SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboard apps out there, with people on both iOS and Android using this handy keyboard.

The app is owned by Microsoft and it has undergone many changes within the past several months. New features are constantly being added to the SwiftKey app on both platforms. If you use SwiftKey on your Android device, keep reading to learn all about the new search ability from within the keyboard itself.

Web Search Ability Now Available Within the SwiftKey Keyboard Itself

We are happy to report that there is a new SwiftKey keyboard update available on Android. You will find this new update live right now in Google Play Store. If you have SwiftKey on your Android device already, you should see the over-the-air update hit your device within days. The biggest change you will notice with the new update is the new web search ability. You can now search the web right from the SwiftKey keyboard itself.

This is going to be super useful if you are in the middle of a conversation with someone and need to look up some information. You will notice that it is now much quicker to find the information you need since you can web search right from the keyboard itself. It is also very easy to begin using the new feature since it is found within the keyboard toolbar. There is a “+” symbol you need to click on, and then select the icon for search.

New Web Search Feature Comes to SwiftKey for Android & Allows for Quick Information Lookup

One thing that we really love about the new web search feature is that it will make it so much easier and quicker to lookup information. You will no longer have to stop your conversation and open up the web browser to search for the information you need to find. The only downside we have found with the new web search feature is that the web search is powered by Bing.

Obviously, since SwiftKey is owned by Microsoft it makes perfect sense that the web search is powered by Bing. We are not really fans of Bing though, and wish the search was done using Google. Since SwiftKey is a Microsoft-owned app, we understand why Bing is the option, although it still is disappointing. It also appears that you cannot change the search engine to another option, such as Yahoo or Google. Even though the search is Bing, you are still likely going to find exactly what you want to lookup.

You will find that the search results will show up as a browser-tab overlay, which is really cool. If you want to take a screenshot of the page, just click to begin that process. There is also the ability to crop the screenshot image and then share it with your contacts. That allows you to only send the information you want, without sending an image of unrelated information.

What Do You Think of New Web Search Built Into SwiftKey Keyboard?

Another cool part about the web search feature is that you also will notice a hyperlink after you take a screenshot. When you send the screenshot to someone you are talking to, the hyperlink is automatically sent with it. This allows people to click right to the website you are looking at.

It can help you if you are trying to plan something with friends or family. The new feature can be found for those who live within 11 different countries. Those countries getting this web search ability include the United States, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom. People in Japan, India, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Germany also will be able to get this feature.

You may have already tried out the new web search feature found in the SwiftKey keyboard since it was in a previous beta test. People on Android were able to beta test this new feature a while back, and the beta testing is open to the public. If you have not signed up to be a beta tester for SwiftKey, now would be a really good time. Being a tester allows you to get early access to the upcoming features that will soon be released to the stable version of the app.

We are curious on what your thoughts are of the new feature. If you have tried this feature out already, tell us what you think. Are you someone who was a beta tester and already tried out the web search feature before? Do you think the web search results show up quick enough using the keyboard option? What else would you like to see come to the SwiftKey Android keyboard app in future updates? Tell us all about your thoughts and impressions of the feature in the comment section below.


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