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This Weekend Only Section Debuts on App Store

Nov 12, 2017

This Weekend Only is a new section on Apple’s App Store that just debuted this week. If you have not noticed, Apple has been focused on a ton of app recommendations as part of iOS 11. Now, the App Store is getting even better with the introduction of This Weekend Only. This is a section of the App Store that will list deals going on inside of the apps. This new section is not a discount on the actual app, but it will show you the deals from within the apps.

This Weekend Only Shows Deals Within iOS Apps

You might have noticed the new lists and articles that are now featured in Apple’s App Store. The new focus has now shifted to various app recommendations. Editorial content and interviews are now part of the App Store. The release of iOS 11 made all of that more of a focus. Apple’s App Store just introduced a new section this week called This Weekend Only. The focus of this particular section is to show you the deals going on within the apps on Apple’s App Store. This is different than showing you apps that are discounted or on sale. Specifically, this section shows you the deals you can get if you download a certain app.

The editors over at Apple explained the new This Weekend Only section as being a new way that you can save money. You will be able to see some amazing deals that are only going on in certain apps. This could be deals on movie tickets, clothing, hotel reservations, or even food delivery. Every Thursday there will be new deals in this section, and it will be clearly labeled as This Weekend Only. The promotion in this new section will only be going on through that Sunday. There were five deals on the first incarnation of This Weekend Only, to show people what all the new section is about.

This Weekend Only Discounts Give You a New Way to Save

The discounts that you will find in the new This Weekend Only section on the iOS App Store are specific for that week. Once Sunday ends, you will have to wait until the following Thursday to see the new deals. They are weekend-only deals as the name of the section suggests. Considering that we are approaching the holiday and shopping season leading up to Christmas, this new section is going to capitalize off of that. You will be able to head to the This Weekend Only section every Thursday, and see the discounts and deals going on within apps for that weekend.

A lot of people have been moving to mobile shopping and online shopping recently. Apple is looking to entice even more people into the mobile shopping world with the This Weekend Only section. Mobile commerce is already a big deal to a lot of people. Apple is trying to show people just how much money they can save with various apps. This section will be good whether you are looking for holiday expense savings or savings on Christmas presents. You can do all of that with the new section in the App Store. An interesting thing is that a new report has shown how “Game of the Day” and “App of the Day” actually do better on the weekdays. It is likely Apple noticed there was a gap in the weekend and decided to jump on that with the new This Weekend Only section.

Since the weekends are light for App of the Day and Game of the Day, it provided an opening for Apple to create something new and fun for the weekend. So have you checked out the new This Weekend Only section yet? Do you think that people will be persuaded to download those apps and make those purchases since they can see the discounts and special offers? Let us know what you think in the comments.