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What’s Your Story APK – Update for 2018 Now Available

Jan 19, 2018

Are you now searching online for the latest What’s Your Story APK version for 2018? Good news if you have, since we have the link on this website that you can use to download the newest release. The new What’s Your Story APK can be found below. You need to keep reading to learn how you can download it right now. In this article, we wanted to talk about some of the biggest benefits of the APK version. There are also some details about the game we wanted to talk about too. So if you have been waiting to try out this game, downloading the What’s Your Story APK is the best way to check it out.

What’s Your Story APK – 2018 Update Available Now

You need to tap the link given to start the What’s Your Story APK download.

Version: 1.3.10 for Android 5+

Update on: 2018-01-11

Just use our simple three-step instructions to begin the What’s Your Story APK download for 2018:

Step 1. The first step is to click here to begin the What’s Your Story APK download.

Step 2. We also have the OBB files to download as well for What’s Your Story. If you would like to download these files, tap here to begin that download. You must remember to also click this link from your Android browser as well or it will not work.

Step 3. In order to install each download, you must tap on the downloads after they have completed.

Step 4. By this time, you should see What’s Your Story at this point on your device. There is nothing you need to do at this point except enjoy the game.

All About What’s Your Story Game

What’s Your Story is a free game on Android where you can make choices and each choice will send you in a new direction. This game is all about making choices to figure out who you are and which path you will take. You can unlock accessories and outfits for your character as you go along in the game. In What’s Your Story, you can even choose who you love and where you live.

This game is all about discovery, so you can make life-changing choices which will impact your path in life. You can make friends in the game and even change out friends later in the game if you want. Even cooler is that you can even go on a Project Runway in the game, so there are several games and other things you can do while discovering your life goals and ambitions.

What’s Your Story APK Benefits

When it comes to the main benefit of the What’s Your Story APK, it is that you will get the in-game items for free. By using Google Play to download the game, you will have to use real money to buy the in-app items. By downloading our What’s Your Story APK update, you will get these in-game items for free. This saves you a ton of money and also will help you in the game. So instead of paying for these premium items and currencies, you can get them all for free just by downloading the What’s Your Story APK.

You will also be able to play this game no matter where you live if you download the APK version. By going through Google Play, you are restricted based on your location. You are not allowed to download the game if you are not in the supported locations. So you are able to bypass these restrictions by downloading the APK version. This is helpful if you live in countries where most games on Google Play are not supported.

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