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WhatsApp Adds Touch ID & Face ID Lock Feature on iOS

Feb 8, 2019

If you use WhatsApp on iOS, you might want to check out the new update that brings Touch ID and Face ID lock to the app. These two new features are part of the biometric authentication technologies that Apple is now using.

WhatsApp has added support for these new technologies in the newest iOS update, which is version 2.19.20. As you probably know, WhatsApp has been making a lot of additions on iOS, with updates rolling out fairly regularly. Keep reading to learn more about the latest update for iOS and what the new authentication will allow you to do.

WhatsApp Brings Touch ID & Face ID Lock Abilities on iOS with Latest Update

You should update to the newest version of WhatsApp for iOS, which is version 2.19.20. Once you update to the newest version you will see the new settings for biometric authentication. These two new settings allow you to use Touch ID or Face ID to lock WhatsApp on your iOS device.

Click on “Settings” and then head to “Account.” From there, you will need to click on “Privacy” and then you will see the two new authentication features. These new features are found under a new setting called “Screen Lock.” If you click on “Screen Lock” you can toggle to click either Touch ID or Face ID.

You will love this additional level of security for WhatsApp under the new “Screen Lock” setting. If you want to unlock WhatsApp, you will need to use either your face or your fingerprint. That is a great feature because it means people cannot get inside of WhatsApp if they are using your device.

If you are someone concerned about privacy and people seeing your messages, then enabling this feature is going to be helpful. This is especially useful if you have to share your device with another person, and it protects your conversations from being seen by others.

Touch ID & Face ID Lock Authentication Not Enabled by Default on WhatsApp for iOS

It is important to tell you that this new authentication feature on WhatsApp for iOS is not enabled by default. That means you will have to manually select the Touch ID or Face ID option in order to get this layer of protection. A lot of people who do not check out the menus will not even know this option is there since it is quite buried within the menu. We are still happy that this option is there, even if you have to dig for it a bit.

WhatsApp has been lacking in this area for a while, since anyone can read your conversations if your device was unlocked. That was a huge issue with this app when it came to privacy and protection. While WhatsApp has had end-to-end encryption for users, this ability to lock the app was not added until just now. We believe that a native lock feature on WhatsApp should have been added a long time ago, but better late than never.

Touch ID & Face ID Lock Added on WhatsApp for iOS But Now Native Passcode Option Yet

There is still some issues with WhatsApp on iOS when it comes to privacy. The biggest issue is that there is still not a native passcode option yet. This would bring even more security to WhatsApp, and could work with both iOS and Android. You can download third-party apps if you would like to use a passcode for apps such as WhatsApp. Even though these third-party options exist and work great, a native option in WhatsApp itself would definitely be nice. Some people are concerned about privacy and protection downloading these third-party apps for such a sensitive issue.

Either way, we are happy that the Touch ID and Face ID authentication feature has finally come to the WhatsApp iOS app in this latest update. This was a feature that should have been available a long time ago, and it will help ensure your privacy when your iOS device is unlocked. We are hopeful that in a future update, we will see the passcode authentication feature, but we are not sure if it will happen.

You can head to Apple’s App Store right now if you would like to download the latest version of WhatsApp. The automatic update should be rolling out this week, so keep an eye out for that. Once you have tried out the new authentication features, we want to hear what you think about them. Do you prefer Touch ID or Face ID to unlock the app? Are you hopeful for the passcode authentication to eventually come to WhatsApp as well? What other features do you want to see WhatsApp add in the future to either iOS or Android?