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WhatsApp Android Beta Update Includes Granular Storage Feature

Sep 18, 2017

There is a new WhatsApp Android Beta update out right now. In this new WhatsApp Android Beta, there is a new granular storage feature. This is something that iOS has had for a long time. The problem was that while iOS had the granular storage management feature, Android was left out. Now, with the WhatsApp Android Beta update, those on Android will have access to the granular storage controls too. Read on to learn more about the new granular storage feature that has come to the WhatsApp Android Beta update.

WhatsApp Android Beta Brings Granular Storage Controls

The best news here is that the new WhatsApp Android Beta finally is getting the granular storage controls and options. Previously, you had to either choose to manually delete your conversation and the media with it or just select a group of messages and delete them at once. There is now a better way to go about all of this with the granular storage controls. If you have an Android device, you will be able to check out the new WhatsApp Beta if you are enrolled into the Beta Program. The new WhatsApp Android Beta is finally getting the features that iOS has had, and we are happy to report the news.

If you would like to check out the new granular storage options, you can go over into the Settings on your Android device. From the Settings, click on Data and Storage Usage. There will be a new menu there called Storage Usage, and you need to click on this. Once you have clicked it, it might take a minute, but your conversations will all show up right there. The data will be tallied up and then you can look at all of your chats. The chats will all be sorted by just how much room they are taking up on your Android device. Obviously, the more media and content is in a chat conversation, the more likely it will be taking up a lot more room. It will show up from the biggest data hogging conversations to the least.

WhatsApp Android Beta Brings New Granular Storage Option

With the new WhatsApp Android Beta features, you will be able to click on the various chats and look at the tally itself. You will see how much room each message takes up. This includes both received messages and sent messages. You will also see information on locations, shared contact cards, audio messages, video messages, GIFs, and even documents. Anything you can share on WhatsApp in a conversation will be displayed here to you can see just how much room these files are taking up.

Once you see that information, you will notice that right below it is a “Manage Messages” option. If you click on the Manage Messages option, you will be able to delete various message types, including the GIFs, videos, audio, and more. You will be able to choose which types of data files you delete from the Manage Messages section. This is great news because when you look at what takes up the most space, usually photos, audio clips, and videos are the most data-hogging out of everything. That allows you to clear out these videos and photos without getting right of documents and texts that are important.

How To Get WhatsApp Android Beta Update

The WhatsApp Android Beta update should have already hit your device if you are enrolled in the Beta Program. The version to look for is the WhatsApp Beta v2.17.340. If you have not yet enrolled into the program, you can do so by going to Google Play Store. Once you are in Google Play Store, you can choose to search for the official WhatsApp Beta and then enroll in the program.

Even if you do not get into the WhatsApp Android Beta this time around, you will be signed up for when the next Android Beta rolls out. The good thing about being in the WhatsApp Android Beta Program is that you will be able to get new features and new tools before they are released officially on the WhatsApp Google Play Store.