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WhatsApp Beta Adds Colorful Status Updates

Aug 26, 2017

Good news if you have an Android device as it appears there is a new feature in the WhatsApp beta update. The new WhatsApp beta update is version 2.17.307 which is out right now. You will find that with the new WhatsApp beta update, you now have access to colorful statuses. Read on to learn more about the new colorful statuses available right now in the new WhatsApp beta.

WhatsApp Beta Update on Android Adds Colorful Text

If you have the new WhatsApp beta downloaded onto your Android device, which is version 2.17.307, you will notice a new feature. The new feature is status updates that also include colorful backgrounds. We call this colorful statuses, and this is a new feature coming to WhatsApp. Facebook is one place where you might have seen the colorful statuses before, and it appears that now WhatsApp is following in the footsteps of Facebook. The new status screen could be something that WhatsApp is hoping attracts more people to use the status feature.

If you would like to try out the new colorful statuses on your WhatsApp Android app, simply head to the Status tab and then look for the floating pencil icon. As long as you are on version 2.17.309, you should see the floating pen or pencil icon from within the Status section. It might be on the bottom portion of the Status section of the app, so make sure you look around just in case you are not looking for it in the right spot. You will notice there are three different sections, including one for adding emojis, one for choosing the font, and another for changing background color.

It is like a three-step process which is cool since you can see each of the different sections and know which part of the status update goes where. Once you get the hang of it and you have the order memorized, you can quickly go from the emoji to the font and then to the color within seconds. The good thing is that you have a lot of options when it comes both to the color and to the emojis that you can use in your status update.

WhatsApp Beta Adds New Features to Status Section

Another cool feature is that you also are able to put links in the status area. The links have a preview as well and they are clickable, which is pretty cool. This allows you to put up a link and the person can check it out in a preview before they actually link on the link. This is definitely another great addition to the WhatsApp Status section because it allows people to send and share links with one another much quicker and easier. If you are currently watching videos, you can put the link in the status icon and that way your friends and family can see what you are watching.

Some people are saying this is purely a server-side update, although it looks like you still need to be on the latest WhatsApp beta in order to enjoy these two cool changes to the Status section of the app. We are not sure when the official app will be updated in Google Play Store with these features. Since this is a beta update, we should see the new changes coming out in a final version that likely will hit Google Play within the next couple weeks.

While the ability to change the color in the background of your status might not seem that amazing, it still is a cool feature that gives you the ability to customize your WhatsApp Status. This is just a neat little way to add some unique personality and style if that is something you are into.