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WhatsApp Beta for Android Includes Two-Step Verification

Nov 14, 2016

If you have WhatsApp Beta on your Android device, you might have noticed that there is now a two-step verification process that can be enabled on the instant messaging app. This two-step verification process will require you to setup a six-digit code when you try to set up your account on another device.

WhatsApp Android Beta Gets Two-Step Verification

When you open the WhatsApp settings, you will see in the account area the two-step verification option. You can enable it just by clicking and then that is when you will be asked to create your six-digit code. You also can put your email address in so that your WhatsApp is even more secured, and it helps get you back into your account if you forget your six-digit code. Linking your email will allow WhatsApp to email you a link that can disable the two-step verification feature so you can get back into the app, and then you can login normally and re-enable the two-steps.


With this new two-step verification process, there is a risk of someone trying to phish you for your information. WhatsApp made it known that if you get this email asking you to click the link to disable the verification, and you did not do it yourself, then do not click on the link. You also will not be allowed to re-verify your account without the passcode if you go less than 7 days in between tries, which is also an added security measure. Another added feature is that WhatsApp will randomly ask you to enter your code when logging in, and you cannot disable these random requests without disabling the entire two-step verification process. If you go 30 days or more without using the app or without using the passcode, your account will be deleted and a new account will be created when you re-verify your information.

If you want to play with the two-step verification for WhatsApp then you must have signed up for Google Play’s beta versions of the app. You can actually head to the Google Play store and look up WhatsApp, then go to the bottom where you can sign up as a beta tester. Within a few minutes you will get an email saying you have been accepted as a beta tester for WhatsApp, and then you can check out the new verification for yourself. If you are already a beta tester for WhatsApp, you should be seeing the new beta update available for download now.