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WhatsApp Beta Update for Android Brings 21 New Emojis & Show in Chat

Jan 31, 2019

There is a new WhatsApp beta update rolling out right now for those on Android and it brings new emojis. This new beta update for WhatsApp is version 2.19.21, and it is adding a few cool things. There are no real major changes in this update, but some small new additions can be found.

As you might know, WhatsApp has been adding a ton of features on Android lately. This popular chat app has been steadily bringing more useful features to users. We have all of the latest details about the newest WhatsApp beta update for Android so keep reading to find out more.

WhatsApp Beta on Android Adds 21 New Emojis & Fingerprint Authentication

The biggest addition in the newest WhatsApp beta update for Android are new emojis. There are 21 new emojis found in this WhatsApp beta update for Android. In the newest release, version 2.19.21, you will find that you have access to some new emojis and some updated emojis.

You are able to check out all of these new emojis right now by downloading the newest WhatsApp beta for Android. It can be found by checking out the Google Play Beta Program. If you have yet to join the Google Play Beta Program, now would definitely be a good time to do so. It allows you to get all of the beta updates to the most popular apps, such as WhatsApp.

A long-awaited feature is also found within the new WhatsApp Beta for Android update. One of the most-requested features was fingerprint authentication. We are happy to report that in the new beta update, you can now access the fingerprint authentication feature. If you head on over to Settings section, you need to click on Account, and then click on Privacy. You will see the new fingerprint authentication feature in that area.

Basically, using this feature will protect all of your chats from being accessed by someone else. You will be able to use your own fingerprint to then get into your chats, and this is a great thing for privacy. Another great thing about the fingerprint authentication is that it works on various versions of Android.

If you use Android Marshmallow or above, you will be able to access the fingerprint authentication feature. This is great news because a lot of people are still on Android Marshmallow or Nougat. We are happy that support for the new fingerprint authentication feature goes back to Android Marshmallow because it is still a very popular Android operating system.

WhatsApp Beta Update for Android Also Adds Show in Chat

Show in Chat is also a feature found in this new update. This feature will appear when you are viewing a shared image. If you use this feature, you can head on into the chat and then see the image right there. It will show up in the regular chat window. What we love about the new Show in Chat feature is that it will show you when the image was shared in the chat for the first time. You just click the Show in Chat option, and then WhatsApp will tell you where the image is at and visible. There is the option to rotate the image right or left, and also the set as option.

You will also notice that in a previous beta update, version 2.19.18, you have Sticker Search functionality. This Sticker Search function allows you to search for the Stickers that you want to use within the app. When this feature was first released into the WhatsApp Android beta, it contained a bug, but it seems to be working as of now. We are super excited about the Sticker Search feature because it is going to save you a ton of time. If you are still experiencing bugs with this feature, do not worry as the new update should fix the issues.

How to Get WhatsApp Beta Update for Android with New Emojis

If you would like to try out the newest WhatsApp Beta for Android, you can head to Google Play Store right now. The beta update is releasing as part of the Beta Program. This means you must be a part of that to get this new beta update. We expect that within the next couple weeks the stable update to WhatsApp for Android will be released. If you would rather wait until the stable release, then that is completely acceptable as well. As for those with the WhatsApp beta already on their device, you should see the newest beta release sometime this week.

Once you have tried out the new beta release for WhatsApp, we want to hear what you think about it. Do you like how there is the fingerprint authentication support now in this update? Is this something you will likely use to ensure that your privacy is protected? If you do not like the thought of people reading your WhatsApp chats, fingerprint authentication is a great option to use and enable on your Android device. Have you experienced any glitches with the Sticker Search function or has it been working well for you? Lastly, what do you think of the 21 new emojis that are found in this update? Which ones are your favorites and which emojis do you hope to see in future updates?