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WhatsApp Beta Update for Android Includes GIF Search

Jan 10, 2017

WhatsApp just put out a beta release for Android, and this new beta has some really cool features along with it. WhatsApp beta v2.17.6 was released and you can download this beta version now from Google Play if you join the beta testing community. We are going to tell you about some of the best things that we have seen coming from the new WhatsApp Android beta.

WhatsApp Beta for Android Now Includes GIF Search

Before we get into all of the cool things going on in the newest Android beta release, we want to give you a little back story. WhatsApp just introduced GIF support a couple months ago, with iOS users getting this update in November. It was not until December though that the Android users were able to get GIF support on WhatsApp. This super-popular instant messaging app is now moving forward with GIF searching ability, as well as many other cool features and upgrades in the newest beta release.

In terms of WhatsApp beta v2.17.6 we now have the ability to search for the GIF images we want to use. You can find the GIFs on the web and then put them into your conversations with others. When you open the GIF section, you can search for GIFs using keywords, select the one you have been looking for, and then send it to them straight from the app. Giphy is being used as the GIF search feature, although some people are seeing TENOR as the GIF search. This might be dependent upon whether you use Facebook Messenger or not on your Android device. Most people though, are likely to see Giphy as the search and share option. You will also notice a new GIF icon appearing on the app, which is pretty cool.

You also have a higher cap on media sharing, which previously was at 10. Now, you can share up to 30 images at a time with the new WhatsApp Android beta version. This was a huge step forward because if you were sending bulk images it took forever being capped at 10 images. Now you can send 30 images at once without an issue, and this will definitely come in handy for the more social and sharing WhatsApp users out there.