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WhatsApp iOS Update Makes Group Calls A Lot Easier

Dec 28, 2018

WhatsApp is making it a lot easier if you want to make group calls on your iOS device. A new update was just launched on the WhatsApp iOS app. With this update, you will now be able to make a group call easier than ever before.

As a whole, the group calling feature is still pretty new, since it first launched earlier in the summer. Now, an update is making it super quick and easy for you to make your group call using WhatsApp for iOS. Read on to learn more information about the newest WhatsApp iOS update and how it can help you.

WhatsApp Makes Group Calls Easier on iOS with Update

We are happy to report that WhatsApp has just released an update for iOS. In this update, you will notice it is much easier than before to make group calls. The group call feature has only been around since the summer, and it was difficult to use. As you might remember, you had to start the group call by first calling someone one-on-one. After you got the initial one-on-one started, then you could add your participants to the group call. It definitely was not an easy process and involved more steps than necessary to get it done.

Now, you will find that group calls are a lot easier to make with this new update. The change has come to the iOS version of WhatsApp, and it involves a simple process. To begin a group call, you just need to head to your group that has the people you want to add as participants.

Click on the phone icon which is on the right side of the app, and there you go. Once you click the phone icon, you will begin your group call with those participants that you have added into that group. If you already have a group chat started, then just click the phone icon to begin talking to those people in the group.

Group Calls Now Easier in WhatsApp for iOS But Support Still Limited

While it might be much easier to make a group call in WhatsApp for iOS, there are still support limitations for the group call feature. The group calling feature still only supports four people, so you are still pretty limited on the number of people you can group call at once. Even though you can only call four people at a time, you will be happy to know those calls are still encrypted end-to-end. The end-to-end encryption alone is one major reason to use WhatsApp for your group calling needs.

You will notice that once you click on the phone icon after adding the people you want, you will begin the group call immediately. You can click on video or voice in order to begin the call, which is really useful. There is also the option to head to the Calls tab and begin your group call that way too, so you have a couple of different options here. We love the ability to either choose voice for your group call or video for your group call.

There are a lot of other apps out there if you need an app that supports more than four people at once. For example, with Facebook Messenger you can group call up to 50 people. FaceTime on the other hand allows you to group call up to 32 people. So if WhatsApp is still not enough for you, then you have other options. We are hopeful that in the near future WhatsApp will add support for at least 10 or 20 participants for the group call. There is no indication that this is going to happen, but we are definitely keeping our eyes open for this expanded support down the road.

WhatsApp Group Call Feature Requires a Good Data Connection

We also wanted to tell you that if you want to use the group calling feature in WhatsApp, you will need to make sure you have a good data connection. In fact, everyone who is using the group call option will need to have a good data connection. This will make the quality of your call much better since the overall quality is decided by the person with the worst connection. If you all have good or great connections, then your group call will sound and look amazing.

This specific update is rolling out now for those on iOS, with an Android update coming in the near future. You can head to Apple’s App Store right now to manually download the newest WhatsApp iOS update with the easier group calling features. If you have this app installed on your iOS device, you might already have received the update. Make sure you check to see if your version of the app is up to date before you head to the App Store to download the update.

Once you have tried out the new update, we want to know in the comments below what you think about it. Is the new WhatsApp update on iOS going to help you make group calls? Will you be making more group calls through the app now that it has been fixed to be much easier? Do you hope that the support is expanded to more participants or do you just use another app when needed for larger group calls?

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