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Whatsapp may soon banned in India: Report

Apr 11, 2016

Whatsapp may soon banned in India: In India, it may soon get banned because of its newly enabled encryption system which could just make it illegal. In our country this online chat application can face security norms issues.Whatsapp in India

Whatsapp may soon banned in India: Report

By enabling its end-to-end encryption for everyone it could entered into trouble. In India this security feature was not required by the telecom rules and if the rules are not followed then due to this social app could face a ban.

You must have heard the case of FBI with Apple, in which the FBI wanted to retrieve a encrypted data that was splat all over the internet from an iPhone. But Apple and Google were not ready to help out the FBI because of one reason which was the user’s security and privacy norms.  But somehow FBI was able to cracked the iPhone without any help from Apple.

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WhatsApp is not currently using the country’s rules in India. The WhatsApp new update of end-to-end encryption means that no one and even WhatsApp will not be able to crack the chat contents. Encrypted data can only be read by sender and the recipient. A 256-bit key of all chat is used by WhatsApp for encryption and this is only known to sender and the recipient.

Jan Koum and Brian Acton founders of WhatsApp wrote on their blog that “it is not possible to help decrypt users by WhatsApp because

  • No one can see the inside messages
  • Not hackers
  • Not cybercriminals
  • Not oppressive regimes

However, as per the Indian rules only 40-bit encryption are permitted to online services. So if they want to use higher standards of encryptions then they need to take permission from the government.

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Of Course in order to get green flags and the permission required by WhatsApp they have to submit the keys, which unluckily they too don’t have.

According to a report, the Indian government has yet not decided whether they are going to take any action on this issue or will make a deal with WhatsApp and will come to a fair conclusion.

However as per the Indian encryption rules, the OTT services like WhatsApp they do not require to take encryption standards like done by telecom operators. In India, internet service provider and telecom service providers requires a license from the DoT to provide the facility of encrypted service in India. This includes chat services and internet telephony services for the usage of up to 40-bit encryptions, after depositing keys to Telecom Authority.

Although, OTT based services like Skype, Viber and many more do not come under encryption law as they do not require encryption laws thus they are not regulated in the country yet.

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Back in 2015, an OTT consultation paper was released by the TRAI but is had to issue such regulations in the matter yet.  OTT services with such encryptions are free to operate legally in the country.

In other countries like in France, in order to holds in place to operate, the video calling app Skype was made to register with the telecom service provider. and some of the other countries have also put the regulatory system in place these include Germany, China and few others.

According to an Indian cyber law specialist Asheeta Regidi stated that, being an intermediary it is expected to comply to intercept with directions, decrypt and monitor information issued under the Section 69 of Information Technology Act, 2000. It will now be not possible for WhatsApp to comply with such direction in the matter of its end-to –end encryption.

The further report shows that India is currently looking to pass the new policies on the basis of new encryption standards. But presently it is not clear that these policies will bring any new requirement on this social App or not.

Now the big question arises that weather India is going to allow WhatsApp continue in India or will it pass a new OTT regulation which will put all the encrypted services like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and many other on the grey zone?