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WhatsApp messaging app new update features better icons

Mar 9, 2016

Everywhere we find new updates for several applications and now one of our favorite and the most trending app also comes with a stunning update. The updated version comes with several new features and have better icons. The app is about to release the update very soon so great news for all the Android users. The setting option of the app has received a lot of changes which are very effective. The layout has also changed to a certain extent.WhatsApp

WhatsApp messaging app new update features better icons

The update has not yet come bitt is soon to come, so stay tuned it may arrive any time. However although the app update has not yet reached the Play store or the official website but you can get hold of it in the Apk mirror website.

The update comes with a lot of beneficial changes. The setting options related to profile will be kept at the top since it is used frequently. The profile setting option will also contain the profile picture. The profile picture will have the circular layout as usual but there will a a new feature updated. The profile picture will have a floating action which will let you change the display picture at any time and very quickly.

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The data usage feature will also be updated and will let you take control of third party apps manually. You can download Medias over Wifi which helps you conserve charge as well as data usage capacity.

The chats and the call that you have are separated and under the data usage option you only find the chats. The option of payment will be removed too.

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Previous week we found the new update which enabled us to send as well as receive pdf files from third party apps too. The new feature has not changed much and still allows you to share files.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the current century. It only gets better and better. Stay tuned for the new update which is soon to come. With enhanced features, the app is just going to be so much better.