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WhatsApp new update comes with better privacy security

Apr 17, 2016

WhatsApp new update comes with better privacy security: Now WhatsApp went ahead and encrypted all the forms of messaging that you exchange instantly. Messages, images, voice calls, videos and pretty more anything else that you send out to your friends.WhatsApp

WhatsApp new update comes with better privacy security

With the state of art level of encryption, the decryption and encryption takes place between receiver and sender and that is device to device. So anyone or anything in between including WhatsApp or their server have no idea what is being sent by people. You don’t have to do anything it all happens automatically. So with more than a billion of users this service is just became the single and largest encryption and privacy rollout in the world.

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Apple vs FBI

In the past recent months, the FBI vs Apple battle made the headlines and split all over the world between those that advocate citizen privacy over any form of safety and security and those who think otherwise. This dilemma can be brought down to a single hypothetical question. Is this justify disregarding privacy, if a phone has the information on it that could save many lives? Let us justify it more. If government or an investigating agency knows for sure that a device has exchange of information between the terrorists that could save a entire city from being bombed then should a company can break into that device and refuse to do it on the basis of citizens privacy?

Privacy or activism?

WhatsApp’s new encryption update is partly a privacy feature but it is mostly a stand taken against surveillance activities of governmental agencies and massive snooping.

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No easy answer here:

So is the new update of encryption being eventually a good thing for us? In this security debate vs privacy, the correct answer is almost impossible to arrive at. So till then just enjoy sending your messages!!