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WhatsApp Officially Stops Working on Older Smartphones

Jan 6, 2017

A new year has started, which means that the popular social instant messaging app WhatsApp, will no longer work on older smartphone devices. WhatsApp has been warning people that the app would not work in 2018 on older devices, and the company kept their word as the app is no longer functional on some iOS and Android devices.

WhatsApp No Longer Working on Older Smartphones

WhatsApp has been giving out this warning for quite some time now, so it should not really come as a surprise to most people. WhatsApp said that once 2017 hit, it would not be available on older devices. This does not really impact too many people since most people are above the threshold, but there is still a group of people out there who are running the older operating system from either Android or iOS.


WhatsApp is no longer working on Android 2.2 Froyo or older Android versions. When it comes to iOS, the instant messaging app will no longer work on iPhone 3GS or iOS 6 and lower versions. This means that people running Android 2.2 or iOS 6 or below will need to get with the program and update either their operating system or buy an entirely new device in order to keep using WhatsApp. When you look at the users on these systems it is pretty low, with only .1 percent of people running Android 2.2. When it comes to iOS 6, there is about 2.6 percent usage out there. Another group that will be impacted by this news is also Windows Phone 7, as that product is also no longer supported by the app.

WhatsApp said at first that people who were not running Android on BlackBerry, along with Nokia handsets, would end up also in the same situation as the older Android and iOS groups. WhatsApp did end up giving in a little bit and giving this group until June 30, 2017 before the app would no longer work on those devices. The Facebook-owned instant messaging company is trying to get everyone on the same page because it helps everyone at the end of the day.

The biggest reason why the company is doing this is to allow for more privacy services and deeper integrated encryption. Encryption is important because it will stop people from reading your messages, and this has received backlash from various governments out there. Some governments believe that apps like WhatsApp should not have encryption, which would mean the conversations and messages could be made public.

Beyond the better privacy, this is also happening so that the company can bring in new features and bring in the new features a lot faster. The less older operating systems you have to deal with, the easier it will be to bring new features that are only available on newer operating systems anyways. For example, it is rumored that in 2018 WhatsApp will put out an update to edit or delete a message after it has already been sent. It is features like this that would not be possible if WhatsApp was still supporting the older Android and iOS operating systems.

When it comes to WhatsApp, it is one of the most popular instant messaging and social apps out there. The app has been downloaded millions of times across both Android and iOS, and people love how easy the app is to use. The encryption factor is also a big hit, especially with privacy advocates out there who want their messages to remain safe and secure from the government or other people trying to read the information. So this is just a warning to those who are running Android 2.2 or iOS 6 or below, you need to either upgrade your operating system on the device you already have or you need to get an entirely new device if you want to keep using the app.

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