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Best Wi-Fi HotSpot Finder Apps 2018 – Find Free Internet Access

Jan 4, 2018

There are many different apps out there to find hotspots. We wanted to tell you about the best hotspot apps available on both iOS and Android. If you didn’t know already, Wi-Fi hotspots are basically where you can find an internet connection to your device. You can do this by checking from a nearby location. Hotspot apps also allow you to turn your device into a hotspot for other people.

It allows you to save your data for your mobile device and use the internet connection. The Wi-Fi hotspot apps are very popular and there are thousands on both iOS and Android. We thought we would tell you about five of the best Wi-Fi hotspot apps that you can download right now. These apps will help you find the best and closest Internet connection for your mobile device.

Best Hotspot Apps for iOS & Android

Wi-Fi Hotspot Free– If we are going to talk about the best Wi-Fi hotspot apps, we have to talk about Wi-Fi Hotspot free. This is an app for Android and it allows you to share and Internet connection from one device to another. If you are trying to setup your own Wi-Fi hotspot, then this is the app you need to use.

You will be able to share your connection with other people by simply turning your mobile data on and then starting up the app. From there, think of a name you want your hotspot to be, and then set your own password. You can then share the password with your friends and family and begin sharing an Internet connection from your mobile device.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot– Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot also makes our list of the best Wi-Fi hotspot apps . This is a free app for Android that gives you the ability to make your own hotspot. You can even change the name of the Wi-Fi through your mobile device using this app. The SSID can be changed as many times as you want.

You can also secure your hotspot so other people cannot use it. To get into the options, it is very easy to use since you just need to go into “Settings.” Then click on “More” to find the correct option for tethering your device. You can then easily setup or configure your own Wi-Fi hotspot. This app allows for you to have a quick and reliable connection.

Wi-Fi Automatic– Talking about the best Wi-Fi hotspot apps we have to mention Wi-Fi Automatic. This is a free Android app that has not really been around very long. The user interface is pretty simple and standard, yet not too complicated for those who do not know how this all works. You will be able to turn on Wi-Fi as well as get into more advanced features.

This includes allowing your device to turn on Wi-Fi once you have unlocked your device. If you have a low battery, you also can choose to turn on Wi-Fi when that happens or turn it off when that happens. You can watch your network traffic and also create a mobile portable hotspot.

PDA Net– Talking about Wi-Fi hotspot apps, we want to switch gears to iOS now. PDA Net is a great Wi-Fi hotspot app for iOS that is free and offers a very quick connection. You can tether using different modes with this app and you can secure your connections as well.

The interface is very easy to use and you will be able to tether over both Wi-Fi and USB. You also can hide the tethering from other people and the carrier if you want. The only bad part about this app is that even though it is free to download, after so long you will need to pay for the app to continue using it.

MyWi Wi-Fi Tethering– MyWi Wi-Fi Tethering is also on our list of the best Wi-Fi hotspot apps. This app is for iOS and it is free if you are trying to make your phone into a hotspot. You can also see the bandwidth you are using if you want to keep track of that. There is a fast functioning option which helps conserve your battery life too.

One downside to this app is that you cannot enable both the Bluetooth tethering and the USB option at the same time. You have to choose, but for free, you are not going to get a much better and more easy to use app.

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