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WikiLeaks Shows CIA Capabilities of Hacking Android

Mar 8, 2017

Wikileaks, which has a 100 percent track record on accurate leaks, just published internal documents from the CIA. The CIA, known as the Central Intelligence Agency, has a ton of hacking tools that are shown to be capable of hacking into Android at any time. We are going to tell you all about the CIA documents leaked by Wikileaks.

WikiLeaks Releases CIA Documents Showing Android Hacking Tools

WikiLeaks is known as one of the most reliable source of information these days; the group has 100 percent accuracy on documents and information they leak out to the public. The media hates WikiLeaks mostly because of how accurate WikiLeaks is when compared to the fake news stories published by the mainstream media. This week, WikiLeaks released what is known as Vault 7, and these documents have proven so far to be about the CIA and the hacking capabilities of the CIA on Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and more.

Vault 7 is only one percent released at this point, but we learned a lot about the hacking tools the CIA has that is used to hack into Android and virtually every other electronic device in America. CIA has the spying and hacking tools to break into some of the most popular apps on Android, including backdoor methods to hack into WhatsApp. The CIA was also shown to be able to break into the phones exploiting known vulnerabilities, and also have tools to escalate privileges without the consent or knowledge of the Android user.

The CIA in particular has the ability bypass encryption on WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram. These are three of the most popular messaging apps on Android, and the three apps that claim they are encrypted and secure. The documents released by WikiLeaks shows that the CIA can hack into these popular messaging apps and Android devices in general by stealing the audio and text messages before the app has the ability to apply the encryption methods. All of the documents released by WikiLeaks have dates on them from 2013 through 2016, which means that the CIA is staying current on hacking into Android and the most popular Android apps.

So far there have been over 8,000 pages released with over 900 attachments, showing some of the most popular programs the CIA is using to hack into Android. Programs even named Ricky Bobby, which is a Windows hacking ability. These are often times classified documents that are used by the CIA to get into the devices, often times with directions on how to bypass the encryption or how to tap into the vulnerabilities in Android software and firmware.

One of the biggest revelations, besides the ability to hack into Android using the vulnerabilities, is that the CIA can leave marks of other countries. The CIA can literally implant Trojans or malware onto devices, such as Android, which will trace back to countries like Russia, China, and Iran. This means that the malware will be found indicating a Russian hack, when in reality it was the CIA covering up what they were doing.

We have reported a lot on malware and vulnerabilities in Android, and the WikiLeaks documents show how the CIA is exploiting these known vulnerabilities in order to spy on people with Android devices. Other times the CIA is paying the software or firmware companies of some of the most popular anti-malware and spyware to not fix the vulnerabilities in order to continue having access to the devices through these vulnerabilities. Most vulnerabilities that the CIA is using to hack into your Android device are ones that are well-known and well-documented.

For instance, one of the programs is called Weeping Angel, which is the way the CIA has developed hacking tools in order to hack into Samsung TVs. The Samsung TVs and other smart TVs now have the ability to listen to what you are saying and the CIA has access to these conversations, regardless of whether your TV is off or not.

In terms of the Signal app, the inventor of Signal has commented on the CIA hacking of the popular app. Signal inventor, Moxie Marlinspike, said that this is just confirmation that Signal is on the right track with what the app is all about and how it handles encryption. By that she means that the CIA is now having to go through expensive processes and a more complex process to get to the conversations on Signal. Instead of just being able to break into Signal, the CIA has to get to the messages before the end-to-end encryption is enabled.

Google has said it has begun looking through the WikiLeaks Vault 7 documents in order to figure out which vulnerabilities that the CIA is regularly exploiting in order to hack into Android phones from people around the world who are innocent. Essentially, the CIA is spying through your microphone and camera on your Android device, without a warrant or probable cause. The CIA was also shown to be purchasing software with the intent of exploiting these Android vulnerabilities.

Have you ever wondered why so many Android devices no longer have the option to remove the battery? The reasoning behind that is because you are never “off the grid” and unable to be tracked until you take the battery out of your device. We have already learned from Edward Snowden and his NSA leaks of a few years ago that many of the top companies, including Google, are working with the government to provide communications of customers.

We are only one percent into what WikiLeaks has to offer, but this new release proves even the most “secure” or “encrypted” apps on your Android device do not stop the government, specifically the CIA, from collecting all of your information in bulk. The fact the CIA is also exploiting vulnerabilities found in Android should also be a concern, especially since Android continuously has vulnerabilities and possible malware issues.