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The Wilting Amaranth Now Available on Steam

Jun 11, 2018

A new game has landed on Steam called The Wilting Amaranth, which is a game by Top Hot Productions along with Reine Works. This is a game that goes into the visual novel genre and it is yuri-themed as well. The Wilting Amaranth is based on the old fairy tale known as Rapunzel, and the uncensored version was released onto Nutaku earlier this year.

Now, the game has become available on Steam in order to hopefully find a bigger audience. It is important to note that The Wilting Amaranth on Steam is for all-ages. That means that it is censored obviously. Due to the rules Valve put into place, no uncensored game can be published on Steam itself. There are ways though, to get the uncensored version. We will also talk about that in this article. If you are looking for a new game to get into on Steam, keep reading to learn more about The Wilting Amaranth.

The Wilting Amaranth Comes to Steam for Cheap

We know a lot of games cost a substantial amount of money, so this is where The Wilting Amaranth is likely going to get some attention due to the low price. With The Wilting Amaranth, you will only be paying $4.99 through Steam to download the game. That is a great deal and for the next several days, you also can get 10 percent off the retail price. If you download The Wilting Amaranth during the first week, you will get the game discounted to $4.49, which saves you a little bit more money.

Since we are talking about Steam here, The Wilting Amaranth is very censored compared to the full uncensored release that was put out on Nutaku. In part, the game developer felt it was important to make a censored version in order to get onto Steam to reach a bigger audience.

This is one of those adult-themed visual novels that is all about three girls that have become trapped. The girls are all trapped in the witch’s tower. You will notice that the girls are shunned by society and are now struggling in order to find a place in the world. All of the girls are shunned and they are finding solace in one another.

The Wilting Amaranth Steam Game Details

Since this is an adult-themed visual novel, there are some sexual scenes and actions within the game. Notably, the fact that the girls are able to have sex with each other and they also are able to make out with one another. The girls have been defying the social standards that were built around them.

It is your job to pick the best ending to the game. Speaking of endings, there are 13 endings to this game to choose from, although only two character routes exist. These different endings are unlockable, which means you have to play to get to them all.

The choices you make in the game will depend on which ending you have unlocked. CG sequences are also part of The Wilting Amaranth, and there are 10 different ones to choose from. If you decide to download the uncensored patch in Steam, you will definitely get more action between the girls.

The Wilting Amaranth Uncensored Patch Also Available

The patch once downloaded gives you the complete uncensored game and visual novel. You will not find the uncensored patch on Steam though, so you need to import it from the source online to get the uncensored patch. Valve does not allow anyone to publish uncensored patches on Steam, so all uncensored patches come from outside sources.

Once you have had a chance to try out The Wilting Amaranth, we want to hear what you think about it. The game is available right now on Steam, although it is not free. We doubt the game will go free anytime soon either, so you will have to just pay the $4.99 to purchase it. Are you going to be getting the uncensored patch available from the outside source so you can play the game the way it was intended? Does Valve censoring games make you less likely to purchase games like The Wilting Amaranth from Steam?

Since there are often times other sources available to purchase the uncensored version or patch, do you think Valve is wasting time with the censorship? Tell us what you think about The Wilting Amaranth in the comments below. We also want to know if you think visual novels will still have a place on Steam with all of the limitations Valve is putting out there.