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Wind Down Tools Changed to Bedtime Mode on Digital Wellbeing

Apr 22, 2020

If you’ve been using Digital Wellbeing on your Android device, there is a new change that we thought you should know about. Google has changed the tools associated with Wind Down mode and has renamed it to Bedtime Mode. As you probably know by now, Digital Wellbeing released a couple of years ago as part of Android Pie.

This feature allows you to see how much time you are spending on your device and can give you a specific time for how long you spend in various apps. Google has been making small changes to Digital Wellbeing ever since it was released and we wanted to tell you all about the latest change.

Digital Wellbeing Changes Wind Down Tools to Bedtime Mode

If you’re someone that uses the Digital Wellbeing tools on your Android device, you might want to know some changes were just made. Google has been making changes to Digital Wellbeing ever since it launched a couple of years ago, which is aimed at helping you manage your digital life. The newest and biggest change you will notice with Digital Wellbeing is a name change for Wind Down.

The Wind Down section is now called Bedtime Mode and this is where the tools are that you’ve been using as part of Wind Down. It made more sense to call it Bedtime Mode since the whole point of Wind Down was to get you ready to go to bed. There are many different options within the Bedtime Mode, including Do Not Disturb, Night Light, and grayscale. All of the tools that were in Wind Down were put into place to help you get ready to sleep so changing the name to Bedtime Mode seemed obvious.

Digital Wellbeing Replaces Wind Down with Bedtime Mode & Make Some Tweaks

There are a couple of other changes we wanted to tell you about as well, although none of the changes include adding any new tools to the lineup for Bedtime Mode. One good thing is that all of the new timer settings that were a part of previous updates to Wind Down are still available in the new Bedtime Mode.

One change you will notice though is that there is no longer the dedicated toggle for grayscale that used to be in Quick Settings. This was removed from Quick Settings, but you can configure Bedtime Mode to turn on the grayscale mode if you want.

While no additional features are found in this Digital Wellbeing update, there was an icon change. You will notice that the “Focus Mode” icon has been changed from the plain circle to a circle with some lines. We don’t know why this change was made as it doesn’t make it more clear that this is “Focus Mode” but Google decided it was a better option than just the plain circle. It does add a little flair to the app itself, but overall doesn’t change anything as far as the tools or their functionality.

Digital Wellbeing Bedtime Mode Change Happening Now

Not everyone has noticed the change in Digital Wellbeing yet on Android, but this change to Bedtime Mode is happening right now. It seems to be appearing in stages, so if your Digital Wellbeing app hasn’t changed yet don’t worry you’ll see it very soon. As we mentioned, this doesn’t change any features or functionality of the Digital Wellbeing app or the tools associated with it. Small tweaks like these are just made to make the app look better and be a little more user-friendly.

In the comment section below, we want to know whether or not you’ve used Digital Wellbeing on Android and if you think it helps you some. Digital Wellbeing is supposed to help you since you can lock yourself out of apps and be more productive during the day, such as while you’re at work. Do you find that locking yourself out of apps you tend to frequent is helpful for you to get more work done? What other changes are you hoping to come to Digital Wellbeing in the near future? If you dislike Digital Wellbeing tell us what about this service you don’t like and how it could be changed to be more useful.