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Windows 10 Affects PC Sales

Sep 23, 2015

One of the biggest operating system updates to come out has been Windows 10 which is the proud child of Microsoft that is trying to fight Apple’s Mac computers in the debate as to which operating system is the best. Well when Microsoft gives out their product for free this must obviously be a great thing because it attracts more customers over to the PC side since this fast and simple operating system is not costing them a dime but this is actually a problem whether you believe it or not. PC makers do not like free software updates because it hurts their sales and because of Windows 10 it is expected that PC sales will plummet drastically until around 2017 when hopefully the free license will be over and people will start purchasing again. So what could this all mean for PC companies?

Why are people not buying PCs? 

Well it is quite simple when we break it down to its simplest form. If the software for Windows 10 is free on PCs then there is no need to upgrade to a new computer since the computer already owned has the latest and greatest from Microsoft. So what really pushes sales for PCs is when the best software out there is only available on newer models of computers so buyers are incentivized to buy new computers but without these incentives there is no PC sales. So Microsoft really damages the PC market when they do this but they have nothing to lose so the only one always losing this relationship are the PC companies.

Windows 10 is the PC industry's best friend and worst enemy depending on what Microsoft does with its new software.
(Windows 10 is the PC industry’s best friend and worst enemy depending on what Microsoft does with its new software.)

What bad effects are hurting the PC industry? 

Because of Windows 10 being released for free on PCs it is estimated that the shipment of PCs will be decreasing by 9% for the rest of this year and continually decline until 20117 but even then no one is sure if there will be actual recovery until the year 2019. One of the other problems is that there is no rush to actually download Windows 10, even though there are some great features coming out, because it is not largely available so it is pretty much lacking interest from consumers. What all of these bad effects can lead to are people being laid off at PC companies, major investors in the PC industry that really help it grow pulling out their money because of the decline in sales, and the lowering of PC prices. Some may see lowering of PC prices being an awesome benefit but this is not true because if there are lower prices that means the quality will be going down when these personal computers are being manufactured making them overall a weak computer compared to something like a Mac. This is not the first time this has happened though as shown by the large discounts of Windows 8 notebooks because everyone wanted to get Windows 10.

This image is a graph of PC sales in the past. As can be seen most of the years were on the decline and many of these came from Microsoft softwares like Windows 8
(This image is a graph of PC sales in the past. As can be seen most of the years were on the decline and many of these came from Microsoft softwares like Windows 8.)

Overall, PC will have to find a way to bring themselves out of this ditch they are in with Windows 10. But not all hope is lost according to an IDC analyst named Jay Chou, “Although the shortcomings of the PC business are obvious, a silver lining is that the industry has continued to refine the more mobile aspects of personal computers – contributing to higher growth in convertible and ultraslim notebooks,” he went on to say  “The de-emphasis of touch on Windows 10 also paves the way for a more familiar experience and continuing unit growth on large-screen systems, particularly all-in-one PCs.” So in conclusion, there is hope for the PC even with the setbacks caused by Window 10 but there will have to be improvements made quickly to this industry or else they could see the disastrous predictions of their sales come true until 2017 and even longer. On another note, take advantage of the opportunity and go download Windows 10 for free before Microsoft takes it down if the PC suffers too much from their free operating system.


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