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Windows 10 Tries Gaming Once Again

Sep 23, 2015

Many times before Windows has tried to integrate a Xbox-like system into its computers so that gamers would shift over and try gaming on their platform. Sadly, time after time this has proven to be unsuccessful and criticized by many famous game developers like Gabe Newell from Steam, and Notch from the hit video game Minecraft. The problem has been that Microsoft has been slow when it comes to gaming lately. So now over the past few months as Windows once again tries to push its pc gaming platform it comes at a time when Xbox has actually been passed by its competitor Playstation 4 which had been behind for many years. Most of the reasons why Xbox has been passed are because of the Playstation’s power and cheaper cost than the Xbox one which did not bring much to the table like its competitor. So now as Windows 10 comes out what will Microsoft do this time to step up its game in the PC field where critics are way harsher than console gaming?

The New Xbox App

Every PC user  that downloads Windows 10 will also get the Xbox app included. I have quite familiar with the application but those who also have an Xbox One will grow very accustomed to this application as well because the Xbox app has the same interface as the Xbox One itself. All the features like chat, party, messages, achievements, etc. are included in this application making it feel just like a gaming system. Possibly the most exciting part about this Xbox application is that users can actually play their Xbox from their PC now with this application. Yes, using the app users can stream their Xbox One directly to their monitor and play from their with their PC. So has any of these new features lead to major success for Microsoft?

xbox one app windows 10

The Pros of the New Xbox App

So sadly there have not been many successful parts of the Xbox because of many reasons but right here we will discuss some of the pros of the gaming strategy Microsoft has taken. Well what has been good is that Xbox will slowly transition over to the Windows 10 interface and run better using Windows great operating system. This will mean that they can pick up the graphics and other technical stuff for the Xbox using only software not hardware which is a huge win on the Xbox’s part. What is also pretty cool is that users can record their gameplay when playing on Windows 10 by just pressing the Xbox home button on the Xbox controller.

The Cons of the New Xbox App

Well for the most part the benefits that were mentioned above were benefiting those who owned Xboxs. Many PC gamers do not like console games so the move Microsoft made was not very smart considering this would be a good idea for those who owned both platforms. Instead it just sounds like Microsoft wants users to buy both a PC and an Xbox. The only games that have done decent on the Windows gaming are simple apps like Minesweeper and Minecraft (considering they bought it out for 2 billion) so really they need to get a smash hit game that will attract a huge community of gamers. Really the main problem is their mortal enemy Steam.

Xbox One Windows 10

Steam is the most widely used platform on computers for purchasing, trading, and playing video games with other players online. They have a massive library of game from many famous developers and have always had great deals for the community making it hard for Windows to compete. Many PC gamers only enjoy using this platform so it is very difficult to convince others to come over so it will really take a lot to get them on Microsoft’s side.

Overall, Windows’s campaign on the PC has not gone as expected. Really the main problem is the competitors they have and the lack of groundbreaking ideas to revolutionize gaming on PC. But Windows does have potential shown by the great software of Windows 10 so they will have to think of better ideas to use the program’s full potential. In conclusion, Microsoft will have to rethink their gaming side of PC.

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