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Wishbone App Deemed a Successful Polling App

Oct 2, 2015

Science Inc., a Santa Monica technology company is finally coming out to say one of its apps, called Wishbone, has been deemed a success, which is pretty cool since the company has about 20 apps all together. If you have never heard of Science Inc., they have been developing various apps now for about 2 years, and they often invest and buy start-ups, although most of those don’t end up being very popular.


Science Inc., bases their investing and development decisions on the fact that the young people are the targeted demographic, since the teenagers are the ones that use smartphones the most. Teenagers are now communicating through apps and their smartphones, so Science Inc., has been focusing on making apps that teenagers will want to download in order to entertain themselves. Some of the apps Science Inc., has created include dating apps and horoscope apps. The polling app Wishbone launched in March, is the first app that really has seen success in the world of the ever-changing teenage mind.

Wishbone has been able to attract about 3.1 million users each month, although most of the users are girls, and due to the ads on the app, it has been generating quite a bit of revenue for Science Inc. While Instagram and Snapchat are still the most popular social apps for the younger generation, Wishbone is still a fairly popular app since it is highly unlikely to ever get to the caliber of Instagram or Snapchat since those apps often see hundreds of millions of users each month.

Chief Executive Mike Jones said that the success of Wishbone helps validate the belief that teenagers want more apps and are craving more ways to interact through their smartphones, and this means the teenagers are watching less television. The key to success with any app is to find ways to attract the teenager and younger audiences, since they are more tech savvy and more likely to keep coming back if they like the app, plus they often tell their friends about it.

When you download the Wishbone app, you will get a ton of questions in the morning and in the evening, which are only there for a limited amount of time. There are literally endless amounts of questions since it is a polling app, and the questions are developed by other users at any time. This means that essentially every second, some user is out there creating a new poll and posting it up on Wishbone, and then fellow users have only so much time to answer the questions before the poll closes.


Some of the questions that you might see on the app include “Would you rather be a doctor or a scientist?” and users are able to see the percentages of each option as well as the number of people who voted in the poll. Most of the questions are pretty light-hearted and funny, and some of them are more serious meant to make you really think before you answer the question. Another example of a fun question was “Tacos or burgers?” and this question had over 100,000 votes with most people leaning towards burgers with a 62 percent favorite at one check of the question.

So you might be asking why some polling app like Wishbone has been successful? There are numerous reasons why, one of which is that teenagers are often questioning who they are as they are still trying to find themselves, and like asking other peers about their beliefs to know how they compare to one another.

Since there is a lot of curated content on the app during different points in the day, using the app can be quite addicting. Since teenagers are also now creators in the online world, they see this app as a chance to create their own poll and contribute something as well. Once the users on Wishbone were able to submit their own questions, the number of people using the app literally went through the roof, which shows just how much teenagers want an engaging and interactive type of experience on their smartphones.

Wishbone is already one of the 20 most downloaded apps on the app store, and now investors are coming to Wishbone wanting in on the action. In fact, there is a new app coming out called Slingshot, which will be more of a polling app for boys, and they are hoping to recreate the success of Wishbone with the opposite sex.

It is not known when this new app called Slingshot will come out, but the hope is that through some advertising it will become the boys version of the app with questions geared more towards the guy mind and guy culture, such as car questions or building questions.