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Withings Activité Steel Review

Apr 18, 2016

Withings Activité Steel Review: Fitness trackers are useful but they actually do not look all that good. Now Swiss a France based tech company has made a name of itself by producing a beautiful watch that gets double as fitness trackers. So their flagship product i.e. the Activite looks very good but it is quite pricey.Withings Activité Steel

Withings Activité Steel Review

To compete with another fitness trackers does the steel have enough under the hood? Let’s check out the new Activite Steel.


For most of the part it looks like the standard analog watch. With two aluminum hands it is just look like a normal watch but there is no digital screen. As, everything is controlled with smartphone companion app so there are no buttons on the device.Withings Activité Steel Watch

To set the time you even not need to use the app, you only need to do this once because the Steel will recognize in which time zone you are in and accordingly it will adjust the time.Withings Activité Steel Review

The casing is made up of 316L stainless steel and on the top of the device it has a layer of swiss mineral glass. It measures 36.3mm in diameter and on wrists it fits up to 195 mm. The 18mm watch strap is right size for the average number of people. The Steel is just 37 grams and the silicone strap is also durable and very soft.

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This watch is available in two colors i.e. white and black.Withings Activité Steel in Hands


The Activite Steel is not a smartwatch. When you get a text message it will not give notifications or even buzz.  If you forget to set your alarm, just tap three times on the watch’s display and then the hour and minute hands will show the alarm time for about 5 seconds. The buzzing of the alarm is quite faint and slow and if you like to stop then there is no way.Withings Activité Steel First Impression

The Steel can track your distance traveled, steps taken, your sleep and calories burned.  The Steel is water resistant up to the 5 ATM or 165 feet.

But yes the Activite Steel does not come with extra hardware features. it does not have a GPS nor a heart rate monitor. With the help of your phone camera the Withings app have the ability to record your heart rate.Withings Activité Steel Display

With Activite Steel the Step tracking is also very accurate. On the simple dial on watch face it will show that how many steps you have taken for the particular day.

While most of the other trackers comes with a big and ugly chargers and the Steel is also different.

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The Withings Health Mate app will show all of your fitness stats on one beautiful package. It also sports a plenty of  Design elements material and on the Timeline or on the Homepage it will show your most important information. At the top third of app you can see a quick glance of your  daily activity and by swiping over on the section it will bring you to the weight and alarm sections. To see your activity history, you can scroll down easily and by selecting a particular day it will bring you to another page where you can see the more granular stats.Withings Activité Steel Body

From here, you can even choose to view your data in either daily or on the weekly views, but monthly or yearly not views because of some reason and it would be nice to see but somehow it is not a deal for breaker.

Like, than other fitness tracking apps, this app might be much prettier but actually it is not a user friendly. At one time it will show you a lot of information and it can be little pretty crowded once it will start displaying all of your stats from the past few days.Withings Activité Steel Band

So, the Health Mate app will be the right up your alley if you are the type of person who wants to see a lot of information as possible at every given movement.

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  • Beautiful design
  • Affordable price
  • Amazing battery life
  • Comfortable to wear all day
  • Waterproof


  • Companion app is not very intuitive
  • One size may not fit all
  • Limited in functionality