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Word First Smartphone 3D Printer released by OLO

Mar 27, 2016

Word First Smartphone 3D Printer released by OLO: New launch Smartphone lover smart generations, the day that the first stylish Smartphone 3D printer has hit Kickstarter. Will this be a day for the history e-books on records straightaway?Olo Smartphone 3d Printer

Word First Smartphone 3D Printer released by OLO

Given the track record of 3D printing-related crowd funding campaigns – Formlabs, the 3Doodler, and Wiivv Wearbles.

After all, the firm behind OLO, Solido3D, is asking $99 for a device that converts your phone into a 3D printer ($79 for early birds).

OLO is a uniquely elegant and powerful device.  On the one hand, the 3D printer is simple in terms of actual mechanics. Seven components, including the injection molded shell and a single Z-axis motor, make up the printer.

OLO becomes incredibly powerful. Via the OLO Smartphone app, masks of light are projected from the phone onto the printer’s resin tray, hardening each slice of an object as the OLO lifts it out of the vat layer by layer.

Why, then, hasn’t such a device hit the market before? Say, by using existing material for DLP or SLA 3D printers? The key ingredient that makes OLO possible is the resin.

Developed by industry partners, OLO’s daylight-reactive material can be hardened into a 3D object using an ordinary Smartphone.

OLO runs on four AA batteries and requires no external computer, other than a smartphone, making it completely wireless. Solido3D has even invented the idea of a 3D telegram, in which users can send files to one another that aren’t revealed until they’ve been printed.  And its petite size of 6.9 x 4.7 x 5.8 makes it portable.