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Words With Friends 2 Released: Everything You Should Know

Dec 2, 2017

Words With Friends 2 is the newly released Words with Friends game from Zynga. This game has not been out very long, but already has been a huge success. Words With Friends 2 is available on both iOS and Android and it has some of the same features as the original version of the popular social game. There are a few new features in Words With Friends 2 that we wanted to talk about. We are then going to tell you about some tips and tricks you can use to help you out if you are playing Words With Friends 2.

All About Words With Friends 2

The newly-released word game from Zynga is bringing some old and new features to both iOS and Android. You will find that there is the same player-vs-player mode, as well as the lightning round. The new mode you can play in Words With Friends 2 is the single-player mode. This is the first time single-player mode has been introduced into the game.

You can only find the single-player mode in Words With Friends 2. You can play against the computer in the single-player mode, and it can take the computer up to 1 minute to come up with a word. That means overall, the game will be much quicker than with the player-vs-player mode.

Just like in the original game, player-vs-player mode is available and is just as great. The graphics are better, but you will find everything else is nearly the same. You have triple letters, double words, double letters, and triple words. They all will be in the same position as the original. Also the same, is the amount of letters you will have in your hand. This means the gameplay overall will be similar or nearly the same as Words With Friends.

If you are into super quick gameplay, then the lightning round might be the thing for you. This is where you have two teams, which consists of five players each, squaring off. You will be playing live and you must be very quick in order to win in lightning round. If this sounds like fun to you, you can head to Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to download the free Words With Friends 2 now. We are going to tell you some tips you can use to help you get through the new Words With Friends 2.

Words With Friends 2 Cheats & Tips

Do All of the Events The biggest tip we have to tell you is that you should complete the various events. These events all have challenges associated with them and you can earn many prizes by completing them. The prizes you will earn are all prizes that you would have to pay for if you wanted them in the game. These prizes are in-app purchases, but instead of paying for them, you can get them for free by going through the events. Things include trinkets, bonus coins, and even frames for your profile image are available as prizes through the event.

Invite Friends to Earn Coins- If you want to earn coins quickly, invite your friends to play Words With Friends 2. You can play against your friends and then earn coins for doing so. If you know you have friends that like the original Words With Friends, then invite them now to try out Words With Friends 2. This is basically the easiest way to earn coins since you just have to send the invite and play against the person you invited.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shuffle- One thing you want to do if you are playing Words With Friends 2 is shuffle often. You might end up not being able to think of a word, and that is okay. When that happens, hit the shuffle button and hit it as many times as you need. Sometimes just shuffling around the words for a minute will get that light bulb going in your head. You might remember words or come up with words that you could not think of before until you did the shuffling around.

Extend Words OftenLastly, you want to extend words as much as you can in Words With Friends 2. This means that you need to know prefixes, suffixes, and plural versions of the words, The more you know about the digraphs, the better off you will be. This is especially true if you are trying to extend the word of another player or want to build off of their word. You will need to know the before and after and past or present tenses of words in order for this all to work out. Spelling the prefixes and suffixes correctly, is very important too.