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Workflow iOS App Brings Back Chrome Support & More in Update

May 9, 2017

Workflow just updated on iOS and in this new version, you will find a couple of old features coming back. Beyond the couple of old features being reintroduced to the app, we also see some new features in version 1.7.4 of Workflow. Read on to learn more about the Apple-owned app Workflow and the changes that have hit the new iOS update.

Workflow App Update for iOS Brings Back Chrome Support

Workflow was purchased by Apple a couple months ago, and when that happened, Apple removed quite a few features from Workflow. It seems now though; Apple has decided to bring some of those features back. In the new version of Workflow for iOS, which is version 1.7.4, we see that Apple has added Google Chrome and Pocket support back to the app.

If you have never heard of Workflow before, it is an app that allows you to be more productive as it is an automation tool. You can create various GIFs from photos, calculate things like tips, post on various social media networks at once, and also helps you get images from a website. Workflow is a productivity app that will increase your time management efforts. If you have a business, the ability to post to various social media apps at once is definitely a positive.

Beyond reintroducing Chrome support and Pocket support, Apple also added Apple Music abilities into the Workflow app. You will now see “add music to up next” and “clear up next” which allows you to add various types of media content to your Apple Music playlist automatically. Even more than these features, there are a ton of bug issues that were fixed in this update as well.

Workflow iOS App Update Fixes Several Bugs

There are a ton of bugs that are fixed in this app update as well. One issue that is fixed now is being able to go into iTunes and search for the prices of bugs. On iOS 10.3 and above there was an issue where .wflow files were not opening, and this was fixed as well. On iOS 10.3 the issues of making an archive using special characters was fixed. In international locations, there was an issue with longitude and latitude that was fixed. Another issue fixed was the Today Widget which was cutting off the glyphs.

You also will now be able to get distance to and from a specific location, which was not something the Get Distance feature supported previously. An issue where the app was crashing during launch was also fixed. Another issue where changing values inside of the dictionary area would cause the Booleans not to update was also fixed. Beyond that, there were other minor fixes for bugs and other issues that were in this update as well. All of these issues were annoying people who used the app on iOS so it is great to see them finally addressed and fixed.

If you would like to try out the new Workflow app for iOS with Chrome and Pocket support reemerging, you can download Workflow from Apple’s App Store right now. If you are into trying to manage many social media accounts or just want to improve your productivity in your personal or professional life, this is definitely a great app to choose.