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World of Horror Set to Hit Steam Early Access in February

Jan 22, 2020

If you like playing role-playing games on Steam, then you might be interested in a new game that is set to hit Steam in February. The game is called World of Horror, and it seems to be a game that will bring back some nostalgia.

If you haven’t heard about World of Horror before, it’s a 1-bit game that looks like it was produced in the early years of the PC. That’s why we think if you play this game, you will be transported through time back to the early days of PC gaming. This old school game will be on Steam Early Access and we have all of the details about this new 1-bit RPG so read below to learn more.

World of Horror Coming to Steam Early Access

There will be a new Steam game coming to Early Access in February, with the game being called World of Horror. This game comes from a Polish developer known as Pawel Kozminski and he said this game is a cosmic horror style game. World of Horror has you playing in a seaside town in Japan and everything simply begins to go very wrong.

Some of the main aspects of this game include that there are some horrible creatures that are starting to terrorize the people of this small seaside town in Japan. The sanity of the people is beginning to breakdown and it’s your job to confront those trying to create terror and harm the people.

You will need to solve various puzzles as well as make decisions to try to stop the terror. There are right and wrong decisions in the game, so you’ll need to try to make the right decisions to help the people. Combat in this game is turn-based so if you like that type of combat then you’ll love this game.

World of Horror on Steam Feels Spooky and is Influenced by Lovecraft

If you check out the Steam page for World of Horror, you’ll notice just how much it has been influenced by Lovecraft. This game also was influenced by Junji Ito, the manga artist that is very well known for his horror drawings. With the 1-bit style of artwork and graphics, this game looks and feels even scarier. It’s similar to what you would think a Creepypasta game would be like if you’ve ever checked out Creepypasta before.

One thing we noticed as well is that it’s got a bit of the Blair Witch feeling too. By this, we mean that it’s a game where there’s more of a slow-building up of dread as opposed to just instant scare situations. You’ll begin to feel the dread even more as you progress in World of Horror and the horror and suspense keep building throughout the game.

We also know that once it comes to Steam Early Access on February 20, there will be five playable characters to start off. There will also be various storylines in World of Horror too, but the final release will have more than five characters and storylines. When the game fully launches later in 2020, you’ll have access to even more content since more has been planned for the release. World of Horror will be coming to the PC through Steam as well as PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Would You Play World of Horror?

Itch has a demo of this game available if you’d like to check it out, and we suggest you definitely give it a quick play before you check out the game on Steam. We only have about a month before World of Horror makes the jump to Steam Early Access and we’re very excited for the old school style of gameplay and 1-bit art that this game has with it.

In the comments below, we want to know if you’re going to check out World of Horror and if it’s a game you think that you’ll play on Steam. Do you like horror games with more of a suspense and dread element? Are games with just instant scares more your style or is the anticipation worth the wait for you?

What other horror games have you played on Steam that you’ve fallen in love with? Are you someone that likes to play games that are reminiscent of how PC games used to look in terms of graphics? Do you think that the Lovecraft inspiration will make this game better or worse? Are you a fan of Lovecraft and if so, what’s your favorite Lovecraft character or piece of work he produced? If you have checked out the demo on Itch, make sure you come back and tell us what you thought about it in the comment section below. What did you like or dislike while you were playing the demo?

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