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World’s Highest Capacity 15.36TB Enterprise SSD, Shipping by Samsung

Mar 4, 2016

World’s Highest Capacity 15.36TB Enterprise SSD, Shipping by Samsung: The PM1633a which happens to be a device with the highest storage capacity in the entire world was unveiled a few months back in August last year. Samsung now declared that shipping of the most awaited device has already started. The capacity that the PM1633a provides in 15.36 terabyte, which is absolutely astonishing.samsung_pm1633a-SSD_samsung

World’s Highest Capacity 15.36TB Enterprise SSD, Shipping by Samsung

The device is a 2.5 inch one and will fit well in the 2U servers according to Samsung. The device will very very beneficial for all the users since it will provide a very high capacity of storage and improve the efficiency manifold. The product also seems to be quite reliable and provides a decent performance.

The gadget is a third generation chip present in the device has as much as 48 layers which contain the flash storage cells. The chips has 16 layers and has a tremendous amount of density. The device has a DRAM cache of 16 GB.

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The giant tech company, Samsung also claims that the device offers amazing performance which is about thousand times greater then what the hard drives do. The read write performance is also very impressive. The speed of the device is around 1.2 GB ps. You can store unlimited amount of data, almost 15.36 TB of data which is perhaps the entire storage capacity of the gadget and that too without any problem.World's Highest Capacity

However, the price of the gadget has not been announces yet and the prices of similar products in the market also remains a mystery.

The device is one of the highest capacity drive which has ever been launched. Usually, the large hard drive are approx 3.5 inch in size and have a storage capacity of around 10 TB. Samsung has also launched external SSDs called the T3 series whose storage capacities come with 250 GB to a highest of 2 TB. They have the USB type C kind of interface. They also come with other features like shock resistance and many more.

The device comes with a warrantee of 3 years too. Do not miss out on this device. Stay tuned.