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Xbox Live Cross-Platform Support Coming to iOS & Android

Feb 7, 2019

If you are using Xbox Live, did you know that cross-platform capabilities will soon be coming to iOS and Android? This was something that Microsoft was planning on announcing at GDC 2019, although it is still in development. The goal of this move is to make support for Xbox Live available on Android iOS, and even the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft has steadily been working on making apps for iOS and Android over the past couple years. The move now seems to indicate that the company is ready to move to Xbox Live support for the mobile platforms. We have all of the latest news about the new cross-platform capabilities, so keep reading to learn more details.

Xbox Live Soon Getting iOS & Android Cross-Platform Support

In the near future, you will soon be able to play on Xbox Live through your iOS or Android device. During the GDC 2019 Conference, Microsoft will officially unveil the development of the cross-platform support. At some point in the future, Xbox Live will have support for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. This means that if you are on an iOS or Android device, you will be able to play those games by hooking up through Xbox Live.

There are already a few games that are available across the mobile platforms that have Xbox Live support. Minecraft is the most popular and notable of these games with cross-platform support. If you play Minecraft on iOS, Android, or Nintendo Switch, you will have to login to your Xbox Live account.

Microsoft was only using the Xbox Live support for games which were developed by Microsoft, such as Minecraft. It appears now that Microsoft wants to expand out this Xbox Live support to even more games. The Xbox Live support will no longer be just for the Microsoft titles, and will expand to other game developers.

Microsoft Expanding Xbox Live Support to More Games on Mobile

What this all means is that the game developers can now add cross-platform support into their games that are built specifically for the mobile markets. These developers can now add Xbox Live social systems, multiplayer mode, and the achievements into their mobile games. Microsoft really is looking to expand out the Xbox Live community. The company is hoping more people will join Xbox Live in the near future. This is all something that will be coming in the future for Xbox Live. We first found this information by checking out the scheduling for GDC 2019.

There are millions of people who are signed up for Xbox Live, and it is one of the more engaged out of all of the gaming communities. There are a ton of social features found on Xbox Live as well as game engagement features. People really seem to enjoy all of the benefits that they get with their Xbox Live membership.

Now these features and benefits of Xbox Live will be heading to mobile. There are more than 400 million gaming devices with Xbox Live right now, and that support is about to go into the billions. It is hoped that more than 2 billion devices can now be reached with Xbox Live support thanks to this new cross-platform ability.

What Xbox Live Cross-Platform Support Means for You

The cool thing about the Xbox Live support is that you can take everything with you to your iOS or Android device. This means you can port over your friends list, achievements, clubs, and everything else that is on your Xbox Live account. All of this information will be available for you to use right on your mobile device, which is really cool. Since we know the Xbox Live community is very engaged, this will hopefully increase the engagement even more.

Another cool aspect os this is that developers will now be able to utilize the Xbox Live support for their games. This is going to allow those playing their games to socialize more freely, since they will not be held down to the PC or Xbox Live. People can mingle with one another through multiple platforms, and this is going to increase the social aspect of games.

While we do not know when this new support for Xbox Live on iOS or Android will happen, hopefully it is in the near future. In the comments below, we want to know what you think about all of this and the expanded support. Are you someone who enjoys Xbox Live on your PC or console and are happy about the iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch support? Do you think that this move will be good for game developers? What games or developers are you hoping will utilize this new Xbox Live support once it is finalized?