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Xiaomi Mi 5 Review in First Impression

Mar 14, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review in First Impression: The stunning Mi 5 phone specifications are out and are absolutely impressive. Here is a outline of the main and essential features that the smart phone provides. The fans had to patiently wait for a very long time before this phone is finally out. The phone was revealed at the mobile congress that took place in Barcelona a while back.Xiaomi Mi 5 Review

Xiaomi Mi 5 Review

The Xiaomi’s most awaited phone- the Mi 5 is available in three different variants which have different prices. The variant which costs the least is priced at 1999 CNY which is equal to three hundred and five dollars. The phones has 32 GB internal storage and the rear part of the phone has a 3d glass panel.Xiaomi Mi 5

The higher models of the Mi 5 which is priced at a slightly higher range comes in 2299 CNY which is equivalent to three hundred fifty two US dollars. The above two variants have a 3 GB RAM which is very impressing and prevents the phone from hanging, allowing smooth performance.Xiaomi Mi 5 Software

The Mi 5 also has a Pro model which has a bit higher specifications than the other two models. For instance, it comes with four GB RAM in contrast to the 3 GB ones. Further more, this Pro model comes with ceramic plating while the other two comes with glass plating. The Pro model comes with 2699 CNY which is around four hundred and thirteen dollars.

Although the phone was launched in an international event, yet it will be available for only two countries that is India and China.Xiaomi Mi 5 SIM slot


The company claims that the reason that it took almost two years is that it was working on the design to make it perfect for so long. The company tried their level best to place the lens of the camera in a good position, similar to the design of the iPhone 6 and also has a finger print scanner similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6.Xiaomi Mi 5 Phone Software

The metal frame makes the phone look good. The best part of the phone is that it is very light weighted with only 129 grams. The phone very much looks like a combination of iPhone and Samsung gadgets.

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The 5.15 inch screen has a full HD display which gives an amazing experience. The phone gives a good view in bright light as well as low light. The brightness provided is brilliant and the perfect size of the screen and body gives a good view.Xiaomi Mi 5 Display


The interface is good and a very different from the other Chinese interfaces. The phone does not have an App drawer. The operating system used is the Marshmallow version of Android and the company stated that it worked a lot with the software of the phone.

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The snapdragon 820 processor gives a good experience. Two models have 3 GB Ram and they third Pro version has 4 GB Ram. The internal memory storage can be extended to 128 GB. The performance of the phone happens to be brilliant and the over heating problems are no more there. It supports 4 G connectivity too.Xiaomi Mi 5 charger and speakers


The rear camera is 16 MP and has the image stabilization feature. The front camera is four mega pixels and provides a wide angle of capture which is great news for all selfie lovers.Xiaomi Mi 5 Back Camera


The battery is good enough with a 3000 mAh. With fast charging facility, the phone charges up very fast and gives a good battery back up.


The finger print scanner is placed at the front of the phone instead of the rear part. Unlocking the phone is very smooth and efficient. Several new features have been inserted.

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The Xiaomi Mi 5 made us wait for a very long time and finally it is out and has not disappointed us. Have a look at the phone as fast as you can. It is a perfect one. The phones provides a brilliant design and gives brilliant performance. The interface of the phone provides a lot of customizable options. The finger print scanner simply improves the performance of the phone. Software updates in the future will make the phone a lot better. The only disappointment is that the phone was restricted to India and China.