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Yahoo Answers Now Available for Android

Dec 10, 2016

When it comes to finding out information or posting a question to a community, Yahoo Answers has always been one of the most interesting places to do this. Good news if you like or use Yahoo Answers as the service is now available on Android via the Yahoo Answers Android app.

Yahoo Answers Now App Hits Android

Yahoo Answers for Android is essentially a repackaged version of the HIVE Q&A app that Yahoo released for Android back in June. You could ask a question and then get answers from the community. You also could thank or follow people on Yahoo Answers as well as write replies with emojis and get questions that you can answer for others. Yahoo Answers might not be known for being the most reliable or trustworthy place out there for serious questions, but if you have general questions or just want feedback about a topic it is a great place to go.


The best part about Yahoo Answers is that you are getting answers from real people in real-time as opposed to just getting a search engine result that might or might not be answering your question. The best thing to use Yahoo Answers for is if you have strange questions or general questions about dating, food, relationships and the like. Of course, you should never take the answers 100 percent seriously and you should always seek appropriate advice or help, especially if you are asking a medical question. You can browse topics and categories if lurking is more your thing and not asking the questions, and you can get notifications on topics or submissions if you are into that as well. You can find Yahoo Answers Now available on Google Play for free.