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Yahoo Mail updated with a set of new functions in a bid to compete with Google’s Inbox, Microsoft’s Outlook

Jan 31, 2016

Yahoo Mail updated  with a set of new functions in a bid to compete with Google’s Inbox, Microsoft’s Outlook: Yahoo Mail has been updated with lucrative features that is sure to give the other mailing apps a stiff competition. The new updates will find Yahoo Mail giving a competition to the Google’s Inbox, which is the Microsoft Outlook. The new update has brought in a series of qualities and functions which are already present in popular emailing applications like the Google Inbox and Microsoft Outlook.

The autumn 2015, sees Yahoo Mail re evolve with stunning features. A brand new set of functions finds its place in the Yahoo Mail app. There is a feature but which you can move or delete any mail simply by pressing or just holding the mail. More fascinatingly, you can now switch through you accounts in Google, Outlook, and AOL very efficiently and quickly, you can even switch between your various Yahoo accounts swiftly.

Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Mail

There are new functions have swipe control. You can perform multiple functions like read a mail, achieve a certain one, mark a particular mail as spam, move a mail to some other folder over even delete the unnecessary ones by just swiping your fingers left or right. The updates will just make your life much easier by making you control your mails in a more user friendly way.

You can update or download the application from the App Store of Apple iOS system or from the Google Play of Android.


The Yahoo Mail updates bring in a package of new features that we are already acquainted with in the other emailing apps such as the Microsoft outlook. The Microsoft outlook is full of user friendly functions and helps us access the documents and data with ease. This function rich application provides innovative ways of managing the many accounts. It helps us manage all the accounts, and other applications like calendars and files, folders in a very user friendly manner. There are a set of swipe controls that helps us access certain data or perform certain function quickly and effortlessly. It helps you sort through a long list of emails with much ease.


You can access any account from any emailing services from Microsoft outlook as well as Yahoo Mail. But the Google’s inbox can be accessed only from Gmail accounts. Thus Google makes attempts to improve this app and make innovative updates by adding several features and functions. They have recently brought in a new function ‘smart reply tool’ which is used to analyse messages also provides templates to respond to the contents in question. The application also has the ability to add real time information related to the content concerned. For example, if certain restaurant reservation is in question, then the application provides you a map.


Mailbox gives Google’s inbox a tough competition. However, the Mailbox is supposed to be closing down in 26th February, 2016. Mailbox has been developed by Dropbox. Mailbox is something that was released to help us use mailing apps in a totally different and innovative way, trying to make it as user friendly as possible.