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Yahoo Messenger will support Hindi and more

Apr 15, 2016

Yahoo Messenger will support Hindi and more: On Tuesday, Yahoo one if the popular messenger app announced its updates for Android and iOS smartphones devices users. The new Android update focuses on reaching more and more users from every part of the country and that’s why they decided it to update with Hindi language. On the other hand the iOS update will bring support for third party from the keyboard.Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger will support Hindi and more

To be very specific, the Yahoo Messenger v2.1.0 for Android and v1.1.0 for iOS for the very first time will support Hindi, French, Indonesian, Chinese, German and Spanish also all non-English languages but only for Android. For easily search and to have quickly access chats with friends the app also matches and syncs users with the mobile contacts.

For having the best experience of Messenger app the users are just needed to enable access to contacts in the app.
The Yahoo Messenger app now on iOS will also support third party keyboard apps on iOS9.2 and iOS 8 and also on later versions. But for Android users the Messenger app is already ready to use and the users have to just type “/gif” with any search term so that they can get the random gif images to send.

Tumblr powered all the gif image search in the app and this was acquired by Yahoo in 2013. This unsend features will works for all kinds of messages i.e. media and text included. The updated Yahoo Messenger app can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.

In December 2015, Yahoo last updated its Messenger app for Android, Web and iOS letting the users share their photos within the app. Inside the app it also brought the ability to like images. One of the ability of this app is to highlight the unsend message.