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Yathannsh Kulshrestha, a Class 11 student of Jaipur wins Google Code-in contest

Feb 11, 2016

Yathannsh Kulshrestha, a Class 11 student of Jaipur wins Google Code-in contest: A class 11 student named Yathannsh Kulshrestha, from Jaipur who won the Google Code-in contest 2015 among 24 students from across the world. This competition is held with an objective to add value to open source software development for pre-university students, the age criteria is 13 -17 year old.980 students from 65 countries completed in the Google Code-in 2015 contest with 4,686 tasks with 14 open source organizations. For one of the many companies associated with Google for this contest In the Google Code-in, the participants had to perform coding related tasks such asresearch, refactoring code, quality assurance documentation, outreach, training and user interface enhancement. Judgement was made on the basis of Participant’srecommendation and analysis for the problem.

Yathannsh Kulshrestha,
Yathannsh Kulshrestha,

Image source: Hindustan Times

The contest took place for a time span of 49 days which started from 7thDecember and came to an end on 25th January. The results came out on 8th February, 2016 and about 2,700 students across 98 countries of Computer scienceparticipated in this competition. And Yathannsh Kulshrestha, a student of Jayshree Periwal International School won this competition. He is said to be one of the few Indian and the first person from Rajasthan to crack this contest.Kulshrestha said in an interview, “I had completed 40 tasks in 49 days. The tasks included making Android applications, web applications, designing home pages for websites and finding functional errors. Juggling time between the long duration of the contest and preparations for class 11 exam was really a big challenge for me,” In June 2016, he is invited to see the  Google headquarters in Mountain view which is located in California, the US and from there he will receive his  award. To this he said, “I have always dreamt about it. It would be an inspirational trip to the Google headquarters,”

Yathannsh Kulshrestha is thepresident and founder of a computer science club associated with Google CS (Computer Science) called Turing Fraternity and also a national level basketball player. He is the son of an IRS officer named Bhuvnesh Kulshrestha