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YouTube Android App Gets Redesign in Latest Update

May 31, 2017

If you have an Android device, you might be interested in knowing about the YouTube Android app update that has just started rolling out. In the new YouTube Android app, you will find that there has been a redesign, which includes a change to the main navigation bar. Read on to learn more about the changes that have come to the Android version of the YouTube app and what it means for you.

YouTube Android App Gets Navigation Bar Redesign

When it comes to the new YouTube Android app, you will notice that the navigation bar has moved. The new area for the main navigation bar is at the bottom of the app. This is a change because it was previously at the top of the app. The new update has already been available on iOS, so this means that there is going to be consistency across the various platforms when it comes to YouTube. For people who use YouTube on both iOS and Android, the consistency is much appreciated. You will notice that on the newly redesigned bottom navigation bar, you have all of the sections you have come to know and love on YouTube.

On the bottom navigation bar, there is Trending, Subscriptions, Home, and Library Options. These are the same options that you have always had, except that they are now in one place and much easier to find when you need to load a video real quick. You will also notice that your Account option is at the top where the profile icon is. The Library is now finally separated from the Accounts section, and you will find that Settings is also in the top bar now. You will find your playlists and history of videos watched in the Library section. The Library section is also where you will find the videos that you have purchased or uploaded, which is nice because now everything is right there so it is easier to find.

More About the YouTube Android App Update

You will find that the navigation bar is available to you on nearly every page now in the YouTube Android app. The only place you will not find the new navigation bar is at the bottom of the video you are watching. YouTube never puts the navigation bar at the bottom of videos you are currently watching, so you can still experience watching videos in full screen without the navigation bar being in the way. Another cool thing about this update is that each tab will stay where you left off. This means that if you go back to the Home section, you will be able to quickly get to the videos that you had been watching and begin watching them right where you left off. This will definitely make navigation easier and it will help you keep track of the videos you have been watching.

The new YouTube Android app update is rolling out now. If you have an Android device, you should see the update within the next few days. As with most over-the-air updates, they often go in waves depending on the device you have and the manufacturer of your Android device. This means that some people might have the update right now, while other people will be getting the update over the next few days. If you would rather not wait for the update to automatically go through to your device, you also can go manually download the update right now from Google Play Store. Hopefully, this update will make sure everyone is enjoying YouTube the same way regardless of device, which it should since all other platforms already have this change.