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YouTube Android App Interface Changes Being Tested

Apr 17, 2017

Google is testing out new features and design changes for the YouTube Android app. There seems to be quite a few user-interface changes coming to the Android version, and this makes the third user-interface change within the past month. We have all of the latest news about what you might find in the new YouTube Android app.

YouTube Android App Testing New Features

The YouTube Android app is testing out even more new features and changes, which might be coming to the official YouTube app for Android. If you have version 12.13.53 of the YouTube Android app, you will notice these changes. The new user-interface changes you will see include a floating bar. This floating bar will be on the bottom of the app, and it will replace the picture-in-picture feature that is now present on the YouTube Android app. The new floating bar will allow you to both play and pause the song, and you also can close the app without having to swipe.

The interesting part about this is that this is the third user-interface change for the YouTube Android in the past month. Even better though, is that all of these user-interface changes will be hitting the YouTube Android via server-side updates. The new floating bar appears on version 12.13.53 and you will also notice that the window for the video is smaller than it was previously. The bar will also show a red line which allows you to see the progress of the video, and it also allows you to see more when you are searching for new videos.

You can start a video as soon as you see the red progress bar moving towards the end of the video. This means that you will no longer need to wait for the end of the video because you will see just how long the video has left and can move on from there. The option right now is just the picture-in-picture option, which is on the bottom right of the app. This does not do much except that it will maximize the current video playing.

Beyond that new change, we also see that a change is coming to the Android version to make it more like the iOS version. Basically, wherever you tap on the regular seek bar, you will see the video you are watching. This is going to work out very well because right now, you have to click on certain spots. If you click the wrong spot, then you could end up messing up the video entirely. This is probably one of the best changes coming to the app, at least for a lot of people.

There is the new bottom navigation as well, which will show you the Library, Trending, Subscriptions, and also the Home option. If you want to quickly get to these options, then you will love how everything is now right there waiting for you. You will also no longer have the hassle of trying to go back and forth since it is all right there together in one place. The left side of the search bar now contains the button you need to upload videos, so it has moved from the previous location. You also will notice that you will see the words “YouTube” on the upper left.

What The New YouTube Changes Means For You

When it comes to all of these new user-interface changes, you will find that it is basically making the YouTube Android app similar to the iOS app. When it comes to YouTube, you want to have the same features, functionality, and overall design regardless of whether or not you are on Android or iOS. This new update will give you these changes and allow you to have the same layout and features as the current iOS app.

If you go between Android and iOS, then you will love these new changes because it helps keep the apps similar, if not almost identical. If you would like to see the new user-interface, you can download the new YouTube Android app right now. The best news is that all of these new changes with the user-interface should come down as one update. One update is much better than three separate updates to the YouTube Android app.