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YouTube Android App Rolls Out Autoplay on Home

Apr 14, 2018

If you have the YouTube Android app, you might want to know about the new feature rolling out. This new feature is called Autoplay on Home, and you may remember this feature from testing. YouTube started to test out the automatic playing of videos in your Home feed back in October 2017. It appears the testing is now done as the new feature, which automatically plays videos in the Home feed, has started to roll out. If you have the YouTube Android app, read on to learn more about the new feature.

YouTube Android App Updates with Autoplay on Home Feature

The new feature, called Autoplay on Home, actually had a different name back when it was being tested out. It used to be called Play as You Browse, but then the name was changed to Autoplay on Home. The functionality is the same though, meaning you will be able to do the same functions as you could if you tested out the previous iteration of the feature. The settings for this feature are found under the “Autoplay” menu. It will not work though, if you are trying to use it for search results or in the Subscriptions area.

You might be wondering what the new Autoplay on Home feature does, and it is pretty simple to understand. It will automatically begin playing videos while you are browsing your Home feed. There is often times a ton of videos on your screen, so the video that will start is the one at the top. The thumbnail will show up first, but then you will get the loading icon on the left side of the video label. This will be on the bottom-right side in the corner. There is then a waveform that will tell you that the video clip has sound with it. Subtitles will also appear as you are playing the video through the Home tab if that video or clip contains the captions.

YouTube Android App Autoplay on Home Feature is Very Useful

If you click on the thumbnail, the video will begin to play with sound. This will appear in the normal interface for the player. So when you start out, the sound will be muted, and you will have to tap to get the sound. There is also the picture-in-picture player which will be shown on the screen, and it will show up even if the video is paused.

When the picture-in-picture mode is used, the Autoplay on Home feature will be disabled. This is a very cool feature since you can change the settings and also disable Autoplay on Home if you do not want to use it. Some people will find this new feature to be useful, while others will just disable it and probably never use it.

The good thing about the YouTube Android app update is that the app is now on the same level as the desktop site. You might notice that if you are on the desktop YouTube version, you can just put your cursor over the thumbnail for it to begin playing a few seconds of what that video is. That same type of feature is now on the Android app.

YouTube Android App Autoplay on Home Out Now

The change and similar style makes going from desktop to mobile a lot simpler. You also can choose just to have this new Autoplay on Home feature enabled if you are on Wi-Fi, which is nice. That means you would not be using too much data and you are in control of the videos automatically playing.

You will find the new feature in the “Settings” and then click on “Autoplay” to see all of the available options. There are a ton of settings and options available for this feature, so you should find one to fit your needs or wants. You can download the new YouTube Android app right now or wait for the over-the-air update to hit your smartphone.

Tell us in the comments what you think of this news. Were you one of the people who beta tested the feature last year under the previous name? Do you like the fact that the videos are muted and that you have to click to unmute these videos? Let us know whether or not you still use YouTube or if there is another third-party app that works better.