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YouTube App for iOS Renewed and Updated

Oct 6, 2015

The YouTube App for iOS devices has been renewed with a new appearance. The application now has the familiar Material Design, which is well known in other Google apps and Android. Besides the new appearance, YouTube has also been updated with new and enhanced video editing features, allowing you to edit your own videos within the app before uploading them.

It could be that you already had access to the new Material Design of the YouTube application for iOS; however, starting today everyone will have access to the new design and video editing features. In addition to the new appearance and video editing features, Google also decided to change the YouTube icon within the application.

Subscriptions are next to each other

When you start up the renewed and updated YouTube application, you will immediately notice the new appearance of the app itself. Your subscriptions are now located right next to each other, which allows you to easily access them by tapping on the small circles. The YouTube application still does its best to highlight videos that you might find interesting, and places them at the top of the list.

The new video editing features are a lot more interesting compared to the new appearance of the YouTube iOS application. Even though the video editor is quite simple (which makes it more accessible to a large group of YouTubers) it allows you to quickly edit and polish videos before you upload them on YouTube. By using the enhanced video editing features in the new YouTube application, you no longer need to have a third-party video editing app on your iOS device.


The video editing features are simple but adequate

There are several different options available in the new video editing tool within the YouTube application itself. The editor allows you to crop your own videos by tapping on the scissors. This way, you can shorten your own videos if they are too long or remove unwanted frames.

You can also make your videos more entertaining by adding soundtracks to them. In order to be able to add soundtracks to your videos, you will have to tap on the music note, which allows you to select soundtracks. After you have selected which soundtracks you want to use, the YouTube application will automatically add them to your videos before you upload them.

Another nice option in the video editor is that you can add filters to your videos. You can apply filters by tapping on the two round buttons, which allows you to select the filters that you want to use. Once the filters are applied, you can still remove them and add new ones, if you wish to do so. When you are satisfied with your video, you can start uploading it on YouTube.

As mentioned above, the new video editing features are very basic and simple, but they are adequate enough if you want to quickly edit a video and put it online for friends and family members to watch.


The new design is being criticized

Even though Google tried to make the YouTube Application for iOS devices more accessible and clear, it seems like a lot of people are very dissatisfied with the new design of the application. A lot of comments by iOS users state that they do not like the Material Design at all, because of the fact that it has a lot of whitespace (or redspace in this case).

Next to disliking the appearance of the new YouTube app for iOS devices, people also dislike the new features of the application. Many people criticize the updated application and state that there is no overview anymore, especially since subscriptions are placed next to each other.

Reading through the comment section on popular Apple websites and forums, many of the iOS device users would rather want to have the old design of the YouTube application back, instead of trying to get used to the new design and features.

Many users also state that the video editing features are worthless and that no one really cares about editing videos on their mobile devices anyways. Has Google perhaps made a mistake by applying the same Material Design to the YouTube application for iOS? We will soon find out.

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