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YouTube App Update Adds Playback Speed Options

Sep 10, 2017

The YouTube app on both iOS and Android just got a new update. In this new update, there is now an option to adjust the playback speed. This is a great feature that has been requested by many users over the past several years. Read on to learn more about the new YouTube update for both iOS and Android, which adds the playback feature among other changes.

YouTube Adds Playback Speed Option on iOS & Android

If you have an iOS or Android device with the YouTube app installed, you might be excited to hear about the new update to the app. The new update, which is rolling out now, features a playback speed option. Google has just announced that the playback option is coming as part of this new update, which is also available now in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The new playback speed option has been a feature that people have requested for a long time now.

Variable speed playback has been on the desktop version of YouTube for a long time. It was the most highly requested feature for the mobile app, although it is just now making it onto the app. We have no clue why it took Google this long to bring the adjustable playback speed option to iOS or Android.

We are just glad it is finally here after a long time of not having this feature. You will be able to adjust the playback speed from .25x all the way up to 2x normal speed. This will be in the overflow menu of the player control section.

Playback Speed Option Now in iOS & Android YouTube Apps

One reason why it might have taken this long to get the playback speed feature is because it is a little technical to embed the feature into the iOS and Android apps. Google explained how it went about making this an option by adjusting the video frames.

Those video frames needed to align with the modified versions of the audio timestamps. Since the video frames are not coded chronologically all of the time, there are a couple things that have to be worked out. If you want to make sure the video is in sync, then the decoder needs to be quicker than the video frame rate.

As we said a little bit ago, there is a level of technical skill involved in embedded the playback speed feature into the Android and iOS apps. This is likely why it took so long to get this on the mobile apps. The good news though, is that the new YouTube app update works with Android 5 or later. It also works with nearly any and all iOS devices. Hopefully, people will enjoy the new playback speed option since this is something that people have been asking for.

If you have YouTube on your iOS or Android device, you should see the new update hitting any time now. Some people already have received the update on their device and are reporting the playback speed option is now available. If you do not want to wait for the automatic update, you also can manually download the new YouTube app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store for free right now.