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YouTube Gaming App Adding Android Livestream

Oct 16, 2015

YouTube has become a hot place for gamers in the past year, especially since YouTube added a dedicated video game service back in August. Now there is even going to be more ways that you can enjoy the gaming experience as the YouTube Gaming app is now going to support live video streaming and gameplay from Android phones. This new addition will allow the players to use their Android front-facing camera to talk over the mobile games and also appear on the screen. There will also be a new addition that will let fans donate to the streamers or even pay a monthly subscription fee to get some extra perks.

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Some of these extra perks that you can get if you pay a monthly subscription fee include subscription-only chat sessions and special badges so everyone knows you support the product. While playing console and PC games is the premier way for gamers to not only game but share their experiences, mobile game streaming is actually getting more popular. Twitch even launched a mobile streaming option back in 2014, and has been encouraging users to stream Android games. This can be done by using a Sony capture app, which actually has a lot of features that the YouTube gaming app now has.

The product management head for YouTube, Manuel Bronstein, said that one of the benefits to this new feature is that the game developers do not have to make any changes to their games in order for players to use this feature. All Android phones are able to use this feature, which allows it to reach a wider audience since not everyone has the newest Android device or the money to go buy one just to use on the YouTube Gaming app. Another great benefit to the Android YouTube feature is that it is just a one-button launch for the users, so there is not a complex process involved here. Twitch also had offered subscription options for the streamers for a long time, and a lot of the users of Twitch get donations from fans as well.

The YouTube Gaming tools are going to be very similar to this setup, with viewers being allowed to pay $3.99 a month to support a particular channel. For supporting that channel the fan or subscriber will get a lot of benefits, such as a thank you from the streamer. There will also be a possibility of getting special one-time gifts, but for sure a special chat badge will be given out to the subscribers, and also private live chats are another definite benefit. Right now, a small group of beta testers are the only ones offering these subscriptions, but it will be expanded out little by little on all of the channels. Just in case you were wondering, PewDiePie, one of the millionaire gamers out there has live video streams on YouTube Gaming now.

For the viewers, some cool features and tweaks are also coming to enhance the user experience. If you are using iOS, the YouTube Gaming app will now remember search history. This app is also going to let you know if you have bookmarked a specific game already, who out there is playing that game. Before, you would only be alerted when a specific individual channel was online.

Now, if you searched for a game, the YouTube Gaming app will let you know when anyone is playing the game, so you will be able to find more gamers and watch their live-streaming videos too. This will allow you to find more unique gamers out there who might not have the popularity or success as some of the other stars like PewDiePie. Another good update is that you will notice the experience is a more full-featured one, with the ability to search easier and find games and gamers much quicker.

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If you want to stream, all you have to do is tap on the “Go Live” button on the YouTube Gaming app, turn on your camera, and there you will be. Your phone also will let you narrate what you are doing, and then you can overlay that with the selfie-cam. The live chat lets you interact with your audience at the same time, so there is so much additional features and options available, which will let you do even a little more than Twitch does. Since games are being played everyday from everywhere across the country, this app addition is going to let you finally see these gaming sessions.

For the gamer, your gaming sessions are going to now have the ability to live on forever on the Internet, and then you will be able to look back on your experience, critique your gaming, and then share your experiences with people from all over.

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