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YouTube Go Update on Android Brings New Controls

Feb 14, 2018

YouTube Go for Android just got a pretty major update, and we wanted to tell you all about it. It has been over a year now, since YouTube Go first was developed and pushed out of beta. During this time, YouTube Go on Android has been downloaded millions of times.

Even more amazing, is that this app has expanded support to over 130 different countries. The app was just updated, bringing the new version to 1.01.61. We have all of the latest news about the YouTube Go update for Android, which brings a ton of new controls and other changes.

YouTube Go Android Update Allows for More Controls

When you download the new YouTube Go update for Android, the first thing you will notice is that the functionality is pretty similar to what it was before. The interface is the same in this update too, which is good because the app was already similar to the main YouTube app. With this update, you will notice a new double-tap-to-seek control. The main YouTube app added the double-tap-to-seek controls about a year ago.

It is about time that the YouTube Go app for Android added this really useful feature. You can now double-tap on the left side of any video, and it will rewind 10 seconds. If you double-tap on the right side of the video, it will fast-forward 10 seconds. The only downside to this double-tap-to-seek feature coming to the YouTube Go app is that you do not have the customization options. On the main YouTube app, you have the ability to change how many seconds you are rewinding or fast-forwarding. With this app though, the ability to change the interval is not yet present, as you only have the 10-second option. A good thing is that there is an animation that will tell you if you are rewinding or fast-forwarding.

YouTube Go App Also Adds Manual Video Preview

Another big change for the YouTube Go Android app is that there is now a manual video preview feature. This is more of a data-friendly change, so it will help people figure out whether or not the video is worth watching. As soon as you tap on the video, a thumbnail will appear from within a preview window. The video will not automatically play, so you can hit the Preview button to see if the video is worth your time. You need to manually hit the Preview button in order to play all of the previews.

Some people might not have noticed the YouTube Go update yet on their Android device. This is because the update is still rolling out to people. You might not have received the update yet on your device. If you do not want to wait, you can always manually download the update from Google Play Store. You should only have to wait for one more day for the automatic update to hit your device via the over-the-air option.

So it is up to you whether or not you want to wait or just manually download the update. Remember, if you manually choose to update, you have to download version 1.01.61, which should be the newest update available. If you have not yet downloaded YouTube Go, which is the lighter version of YouTube for Android, now would be a really good time. Tell us in the comments what you think of YouTube Go and if you like the experience on the app just as much as the normal YouTube.